Just launched my own Webcomic

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Check it out, HERE

First, I'd like to say that I've been a fan of PA for nearly a decade; I spent the better part of a day reading all the available episodes when I first was shown PA by a friend in 2001. I loved it right from the start! It actually inspired me to try my hand at Webcomics. The only problem was, I had no talent for art (arguably for writing either) but I knew I wanted to do it. 6 months ago, my writing partner and I got extremely lucky and found an uber-talented artist named Aleksandar "Sale" Jovic and we've been working on the comic ever since.

Please, check out my comic and let me know what you think!

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    Hey man, best of luck with the comic. But this may be the wrong place to advertise. The Artist Corner is solely dedicated to critiquing art and starting a thread without any art actually posted in it (has to be more than a link) is frowned upon as site whoring.

    Since you aren't the artist and there isn't any art in the thread, I'm not sure how we can help. You may want to take this to the Writer's Block sub-forum here at Penny Arcade.

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    Yes, no site whoring. It's even less appropriate if you aren't posting your own artwork. Check out the rules thread here.

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