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PA Programming Thread - The Best Servers Are The Ones You Don't Use



  • PhyphorPhyphor Building Planet Busters Tasting FruitRegistered User regular
    edited March 2011
    Smasher wrote: »
    Soooooooo, soliciting Language/Framework/Purpose for a new OP! I'll try and put it up in about 13 hours. If this gets locked, PM me!
    Language: Verilog
    Framework: None
    Purpose: Low level development

    If you thought assembly language was low level, try Verilog or any of the other HDL languages on for size. Verilog is designed to describe how bits change every clock cycle. And not just one bit either, but potentially every bit available in the device that you are developing for.

    This allows for massive parallelism - the sheer number of calculations per clock cycle can easily exceed both general purpose processors and DSPs.

    It can also drive men insane.

    I see square waves everywhere.

    (hopefully this problem gets ported to the new thread)

    For a fun exercise, construct in hardware an instruction that determines whether a given 16-bit value has more ones than zeroes, that has less than twice the cycle time of a 16-bit carry-look ahead (CLA) adder. Naturally, the lower the cycle time the better.

    Well I'm not so good with verilog/vhdl, but I can do the logic. Whats the gate delay of a 16 bit CLA adder?

    edit: I can do it in 15 gates, counting and/or/not as 1 and xor as 2, but I really don't feel like expanding it to nand

    Phyphor on
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  • JasconiusJasconius sword criminal mad onlineRegistered User regular
    edited March 2011
    Language: Python
    Framework: Django
    Purpose: Developing web applications rapidly

    Django was created by a couple of nerds working for the newspaper industry, and they needed to solve the problem of having two practically identical sites (representing two newspapers owned by the same company) that had the ability to share content and generally be controlled from a central location. Thus Django, a flexible web framework that is different enough from Rails to be worth talking about.

    Django is a batteries included framework that spends a lot of time trying to solve little things that are typically left to the gem community with Rails. The end result is a uniformly styled and extremely well documented web framework that can get you rolling pretty fast and is still easy enough to extend.

    I've been using it for my new job and I've had very few complaints overall.

    Jasconius on
  • Jimmy KingJimmy King Registered User regular
    edited March 2011
    Hooray for Django. I've recently begun working with it and am fairly impressed so far. I'm working on getting it set up to work as a UI for our existing huge ass app with a shitty ui currently.

    I'm also getting ready to build a couple of smaller apps with it from the ground up.

    Jimmy King on
  • ecco the dolphinecco the dolphin Registered User regular
    edited March 2011
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