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Point and Shoot Camera

PhotosynthesisPhotosynthesis Registered User regular
So I'm going to Germany this summer and I'd like to have a camera to take along, but I have no knowledge of what to look for specs-wise.

I'm pretty much looking for something that can take good quality pictures and is relatively compact.

Also, prices up to around the $250 range would be preferred, though again I have no idea what that'll get me.

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  • a5ehrena5ehren AtlantaRegistered User regular
    edited May 2011
    DPReview (which is pretty much the #1 high-end camera site on the web) liked the Casio EX-FH100 and Samsung HZ35W cameras for this category. The Samsung doesn't really look like it ever caught on (not listed a lot of places and above your price range), but the Casio is pretty widely available and runs about $240.

    If you're looking for something cheaper, this Fuji was noted as a decent value option at ~$150.

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  • MonoxideMonoxide Registered User, ClubPA regular
    edited May 2011
    if you want something compact, there isn't much that beats the Canon S90/S95. They retail for a bit higher, around $400, but you can pick up a refurbished unit for a bit cheaper. The S90 is currnetly $280 from Canon, but prices on refurb units will dip every so often.

    I bought one for about $250 a few months ago, and have no regrets. It's no SLR, but for something that slips easily in and out of a jeans pocket, it takes great photos, and has a wide aperture and high ISO to work well even in low light conditions.

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  • Skoal CatSkoal Cat Registered User
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    There is some neat as fuck custom firmware out there for Cannon's, if that;s your bag.

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    Skoal Cat is correct.
  • Donovan PuppyfuckerDonovan Puppyfucker A dagger in the dark is worth a thousand swords in the morningRegistered User regular
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    Can you stretch to a G12? 'Cause if you can, they're awesome.

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  • maximumzeromaximumzero I...wait, what? New Orleans, LARegistered User regular
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    Throwing my hat in the ring for Canon; it's what I've owned for the last few years now and it takes fantastic pictures.

    Nikon's and Casio are good choices are well.

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  • GaslightGaslight Registered User regular
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    I've heard some bad things about quality control with Casio. Or at least, my friend has one which is now unusable because the "camera stabilizer is unavailable," and when I researched the problem for her I found like a bajillion camera forum threads with people who own Casios with the exact same issue and there was nothing anybody could do about it but send it back to Casio.

    But her camera is a couple of years old, so maybe this has been sorted out.

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