Best FREE Mac media sharing/streaming application (DLNA compatible)

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LG BD HTiB that with an app called "Netcast" which is some home network DLNA media program.

I've got a Macbook and MBP I need to install some software on so the guys can get their music, photos, and videos up on the TV. They'd rather not spend money on this.


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    Is it streaming to a DLNA TV or a device?

    PS3 Media Server for the Mac

    TVMobili comes up as a free DLNA server for Mac. Looking at some forums some folks seems to like it.

    It looks like, without buying something, what works and how good it works may largely depend on what you're using to stream to the TV.

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    LG Blu-ray Home Theatre in a Box (hooked up to an LG TV)

    Does the PS3 Media Server only work in conjunction with the PS3?

    Guy mainly wants to share/stream his movie collection on his computer to it. I'm not sure what file type they're in, but I think he's a pirate so whatever the most common format on torrents is, I suppose.

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    I would try the PS3 media server and see if it shows up on the Blu Ray player. It's only a DLNA server, there's not much specific for the PS3. I would think it would work fine.

    The only way to know if trial and error. Different DLNA servers work with different hardware. People have to find the one that fits their needs.

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