Friend bought a belt buckle we THINK is Russian, wants to know what it says

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...or if it's even the right way up.


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    Well it's Cyrillic and it's the right way up... I don't think it's Russian though. First word is (roughly) ichaz, bottom is chazd, middle is either an acronym or something without any vowels (zhdb?).

    My Russian is dreadful, but Google isn't throwing up any hits on those words, so it's entirely possible this is gibberish. Where did it come from?

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    Found it in a charity shop, no idea of it's point of origin. Most other places we've looked are saying it's most likely gibberish.

    Thanks for the attempt on this anyway, I think he's just going to have to hope it doesn't say anything really embarrassing.

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    I would check at your local university. They probably have someone who speaks Russian. A prof who is willing to look at it.

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    in czech, ichaz means 'a near'

    according to google translate.

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    This is definitely not Russian. It is Cyrillic though, as Sponge said.

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    The Cyrillic letters are most likely


    or capitalized


    Which is basically


    It's most likely that the middle line is an acronym of Ж (Zh) Д (D) Б (B), which would probably be ZDB if it were rendered in English. It is most definitely not Czech, because Czech uses Latin script (with additional accents).

    It's also conceivable that everything here is intended to be capitalized or is representative of acronyms.

    и ЧАЗ could be "And Chaz" (ЧАЗ being Chaz, the Machinery & Industrial Group NV in Russia, a tractor/machinery manufacturer). Other places on the internet that know the Cyrillic as well seem to be at a loss, though.

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    hmm, i just got this message off the guy who bought it:
    actually someone on ilx just said "I get some pages telling me ЖДБ stands for Железнодорожная больница = "railway hospital" or железнодорожный батальон = "railway (construction) battalion", but the former seems an unlikely thing for a belt buckle to say and the latter isn't bringing me much joy regarding belts or logos either"

    it is certainly starting to seem like it's utter nonsense or it's supposed to be an acronym or a selection of

    other suggestions include "KISS ME HERE" and "TOAD BANK"

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    I vote for TOAD BANK, the next time someone asks you what it means.

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