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public transit question

joef_3joef_3 Registered User
edited June 2007 in PAX Archive
Myself and my girlfriend are considering attending PAX this year, and are trying to figure out if we can afford it.

One of the questions is renting a car. We're likely going to have to fly in because a supertrip isn't an option for us.

The first question is, does anyone have advice on the Seattle public transit system? We'll likely be staying near the airport and it's something like 14 miles to the convention center from there, but we'd have a day or two to figure out how to get around (we're either getting in Wed. or Thursday depending on costs).

Is public transit an option for us? Any advice would be appreciated.

joef_3 on


  • BigRedBigRed Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    edited May 2007
    Public transit in seattle is really good.

    You can use the trip planer there to see how long it would take, but why are you staying so far away from pax?

    BigRed on
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  • joef_3joef_3 Registered User
    edited May 2007
    Cause the airport hotels are about half the price of the hotels near the convention center. Right now, it looks like it's about 900 bucks for the two of us, with hotel and airfare for Thurs-Mon.

    joef_3 on
  • WeaverWeaver Who are you? What do you want?Registered User regular
    edited May 2007
    also and

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  • TonkkaTonkka Some one in the club tonight Has stolen my ideas.Registered User regular
    edited May 2007
    Also make sure you plan ahead due to the construction work shutting down all but like (correct me if I'm wrong) one lane on I-5 north. I don't know if Metro is re-routing those bus routes that travel I-5, but it's an important question to get an answer to, as usually the bus from Sea-tac to downtown takes ~20 minutes but with the construction that could balloon to an hour or so.

    Tonkka on
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  • skwisgaar Skwigelfskwisgaar Skwigelf Registered User
    edited May 2007
    Yeah, the public transportation in Seattle is pretty good, but can fall victim to consstruction. But, hopefully, the people at King County Metro can handle it.

    skwisgaar Skwigelf on
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  • TimeCruiserMikeTimeCruiserMike Past Organizer of the West Coast Train Trip San Fernando ValleyRegistered User regular
    edited May 2007
    i'll just quote myself from another thread. . . . cuz tbh i think this is the best option
    . . .i might suggest the Green Tortoise Hostel wich is about 3/5 of a mile from the convention center.

    7/8 Bed Drom: $23 per person / $24 credit
    6 Bedded Dorm: $25 per person / $26 credit
    4 Bedded Dorm: $27 per person / $28 credit

    or you could get

    Private Room Double: $60 Cash / $62 Credit (Occupancy 2)

    Single Private Room: $45 cash / $48 credit (Occupancy 1)

    transit problem solved . . . :P

    TimeCruiserMike on
    {Fondly remembers the PAXTrain}
  • causaboncausabon Registered User
    edited June 2007
    If your hotel either has a very fast shuttle to the airport or (better) is directly on one of these two bus routes, then you're okay:
    Route 194 - faster, but doesn't run late nights; also will get caught by I-5 construction
    Route 174 - slower, more stops, but runs 24/7 (although still few buses overnight)

    This is still not the most convenient option, though it's certainly cheaper than car + parking.

    causabon on
  • AceRimmerAceRimmer Registered User
    edited June 2007
    Google Transit - works even better than the Metro trip planner in my opinion. Also, if you zoom in far enough in Google Maps, you can see ALL the bus stops in Seattle, and you can click on them for bus route info and schedules.

    If you stay in Sea-Tac near the airport, the buses to downtown are 194 and 174 like causabon mentioned. The 194 is express and only runs until around 8:00 p.m. The 174 takes a longer route to get to downtown and it's kind of shady the later it gets. Both routes only cost $1.25. A taxi to downtown is $28.

    AceRimmer on
  • padmeamandapadmeamanda Registered User regular
    edited June 2007
    Use the website, plan out your bus trips. The busses are pretty reliable and there are plenty of routes going from the airport to downtown. Once you're in the city, bussing is free. You can take a bus to the international district (like 5th and James)... look for the Uwajimaya... and from there you can catch any bus heading up 4th or 5th, they all pretty much take the same route through downtown and go by the convention center.

    padmeamanda on
  • AceRimmerAceRimmer Registered User
    edited June 2007
    Downtown buses are only free until 7 p.m. though.

    AceRimmer on
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