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I've been at webcomics for a long time, really, but I think you guys know how it goes... as much as I've been trying to improve my work, looking for the best ways on my own can be frustrating, and my fans, God bless 'em, have the whole rose-tinted glasses complex. Naturally, I need artists and critics who know what they're talking about, who aren't ashamed to hurt my feelings, and who know what my most immediate problems are and how to fix them. Ready?


As you can see, things like glaring inconsistencies, weird perspective/anatomy, poor composition, and the like, leave room for improvement. I've got a basic idea of a lot of my flaws, but obviously, not much going for the best ways to work on them. So if anyone wants to lend a hand, thanks in advance.

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    First, good on you for choosing a more ambitious format than a fixed perspective, three-panel format. It will ultimately give you more creative freedom and make your comic more visually interesting.

    You are right that the major problems are some inconsistent perspectives and that's causing some anatomy issues too. The easiest way to fix that is to start off with a lot of sketches first to establish composition, don't be afraid to lay down some perspective lines as well to establish where your vanishing points and horizons are. Most of this though just comes from the experience of drawing from perspective over and over again, and using model and photo references wherever possible to see what things should look like.

    The rain effect you have going on isn't really helping - it always seems to be raining from the same top-right angle, even when you're doing shot/reverse-shot.

    Pay careful attention to colours and lighting as well - it's a dark, rainy night and the only source of illumination is coming from a few lit windows. In that kind of lighting the bright reds, pinks and neon greens that you're using will be hue-shifted into darker, less saturated colours.


    Oglaf is really good at matching colouring to lighting (careful - those links are safe for work, but most Oglaf comics are not)


    as is Boxer Hockey!

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    Rolo wrote: »
    First, good on you for choosing a more ambitious format than a fixed perspective, three-panel format. It will ultimately give you more creative freedom and make your comic more visually interesting.

    Thanks! Of course I've gotta give those comic strip guys credit - I've tried my hand at it before, and it's not as easy as it looks...

    On the topic of color, what's your opinion on fill layers? They make my life MUCH easier in the way of shading, but sometimes they don't always seem to work perfectly, I.E. if I have a shading fill layer color that's lighter than the base color.

    Anyway, thanks for the advice! It should help me get a little more focus on what I need to improve on most moving forward.

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    in photoshop

    Adjustments>Hue/saturation>Satuation slider> turn it down like 30 clicks.

    I have difficulty looking at anime of this nature because of personal taste.. but color is universal, and those colors are universally eye gouging.

    Pick your moment with that much saturation.

    your colors are all screaming, and its obnoxious to look at.

    You asked for harsh. That was what came to mind.

    On a positive note, in some of the panels you are spotting blacks really nicely. like on the second page, the second to last panel, the black shape frames her nicely, then a nice hit of black on her to draw the eye in. But the color treatment and the blurry snow absolutely shit on it.

    The blurry snow would work better if you established some depth with it. Some snow flakes with harder edges then maybe one.. or two larger closer ones that are blurry.. then some little tiny ones in the background behind her that are blurry.

    Suggest man, suggest. Dont draw 1,000 snowflakes.. the readers mind will fill in the gaps. Dont overwhelm whats important.

    edit: Regarding the colors.. I just wanted to make my comments more specific. You have some greys/neutrals going on like in the 3rd panel on the first page in the charachters face. But then you have those Neon green eyes that make absolutely no sense. They are the same value as the light source and just as saturated.

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    You asked for harsh. That was what came to mind.

    That I did, much appreciated for your comments. I'll try some of your suggestions in the comic page I'm working on now.

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