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[Debate On!] The Marvel Skrull possibilties?

weenusweenus Registered User regular
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Heavy spoilers involved, if you haven't kept up with the New Avengers, or the Civil War, then don't read.
Elektra was a Skrull. The popular theory is that many of the strange philosophies during the Civil War may be related to a Skrull invasion. Popular choices would be Tony Stark or even Steve Rogers. Personally, the resurrection of Hawkeye, while explained, is questionable now. Any ideas? Forgive me if I missed any points, I'm playing catchup with the New Avengers series.


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  • Sars_BoySars_Boy Registered User regular
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    We already have like three threads for this.

    I could understand this if there was anything else to talk about in the NA thread, but there really isn't.

    Sorry duder

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  • DJ EebsDJ Eebs Moderator, Administrator admin
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    It really is a big topic, but it's really the only topic to talk about in the New Avengers thread, so I'm going to keep discussion there.

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