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For those of us who couldnt make it Post your story here.

GammaknightGammaknight Registered User regular
edited July 2011 in PAX Archive
Seeing the Pax badges off sale and people (like myself) scrambleing to get them on the face value forum it gave me a idea.

I know for one i am hurting from being left out of PAX this year. so i thought maybe it a good idea for users to Vent ones Grief.

LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD !! say what you feel ( still follow forum rules) but darn it SAY WHAT YOU FEEL!!!!!

Gammaknight on


  • GammaknightGammaknight Registered User regular
    My story is pretty deppressing. After ordering the hotel right next to the convention center i chose to hold off from buying tickets.
    I did this because i was hopeing to persuade my Girlfriend to Go.
    After Days of putting a impression of just what Penny Arcade Expo is she finally saw the light and was willing to go.
    Over joyed by this Situation i ran to my computer to buy tickets.
    But then i ran into another problem.
    My best friend who i had previously gone 2 years in a row with was having troubles makeing up the cash to go ( no job no money i guess).
    so i picked up a couple hours at the local pizza place so i could help pay for his ticket.
    After 2 weeks i had enought dough for both of us and with a happy conscience of " no man left behind." i sprinted to my computer.
    With Hotel Booked, Girlfriend inspired to go, and my best friend able to go, I finally was ready to go to pax for my third year in a row.
    I Was extreamly excited too ! With zero punctuations yahtzeee coming, and Halofest, and of course just the community of gamers.
    I learned the first time i stepped into the penny arcade expo that pax isnt all about the cool swag, or the new releases. its about feeling like im finally in a community of people who understand my hobby.
    But i digress.....
    i went to the PAX website and in my horror i saw....that there were no more badges on sale.
    People keep telling me there is always next year...but not for me, next year is my first year of college im going to be poor as dirt,im scared out of my witts about that.
    This was my last youthfull harah before I start out my life as a real adult
    And i missed i.....

    I dont really mind if no one reads this. It just feels a little better to get my emotions and feelings out there.

    Ya Pax is just a convention but its been MY convention for most of my highschool life. a escape from the jocks, the jerks, and the theater kids.

    If you did read this

    Thank you.

    Gary AKA Gammaknight

  • GammaknightGammaknight Registered User regular
    Im sorry for any grammer and spelling errors as well.

  • RdrRdr Rider Registered User regular
    There is an "edit" button where you can edit your posts to fix grammar and spelling errors as well as avoiding triple posts.

  • King of MarsKing of Mars Registered User regular
    The usual suspect: Lack of enough funding to do everything that needs to be done this summer, so PAX got cut from my plans. I'm going to East again, though, so it's not a big deal. Or so I try to tell myself.

    Writhe your naked ass to the mindless groove.
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    3DS: 2492-5478-6311 // Steam & WiiU: kingofmars2099
  • gigabraingigabrain Some guy...yknow New HampshireRegistered User regular
    Other plans i had got in the way of Prime. Thankfully I'm a boston local so East is a definite yes for next year.


    3DS Friend Code: 3926-5491-9247
  • GammaknightGammaknight Registered User regular
    Thank you Rdr didnt see the edit button.

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