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[SOLVED] Anyone speak(read) Italian? Please help :)

fadingathedgesfadingathedges Registered User regular
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So I sold my MtG cards on the internet, and out of 152 auctions I have one buyer claiming no package. He is in Italy, the city of Bologna. I made a mistake and sent the package First Class Int'l which essentially has no tracking/proof, but I figure that there should be some record of his receipt or non-receipt via customs.

Even if I can't access such proof, some ability to represent that it exists might save me from getting hosed. For example: the street address for the international customs office in Bologna, Italy. I tried to Google this up, but my Italian, she'sa not so good.

Any useful input would be appreciated. Thanks PA!

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  • fadingathedgesfadingathedges Registered User regular
    Aaaanyone speak Italian? ;o

  • BlarghyBlarghy Registered User regular
    Italy is always problematic for shipping MtG cards to. If you peruse ebay, you'll see that a lot of experienced shippers will not ship to Italy. The reason for this is that (for whatever reason), the import of playing cards of any kind is banned there. Its quite likely that customs seized your package, and good luck trying to get a hold of anyone in the bureaucracy who will take the time to do anything but threaten you with fines for trying to sneak through a banned item.

  • fadingathedgesfadingathedges Registered User regular
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    hmmm didn't realize that Blarghy. I still would rather not just give up on the bucks. This was, of course, one of the larger auctions. ;/ I had a few others go successfully to Italy, too. The customs sheet listed exact card names, so they may not have been identifiable as collectable / tcg items.

    UPDATE: No real solution for the problem at large, but I would still love it if someone could just google / maps me up the address for international customs office in Bologna, Italy; where a Bolognese citizen might go pick up an international package. Please help if you can read Italian!

    Thanks PA!

    Solved! Ignore harder!

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