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I'm sure there may be a thread for this already, but I looked, and did not see one.

I recently built a gaming desktop, and it works perfectly, buuut I also just deployed for combat for the US Army. Now I'm in the market for a laptop so I can continue to game, at least somewhat regularly, while I'm here. Only thing is I've never even bought a laptop. So I wanted to know recommendations for brands that would be reliable and high-functioning.

I'm not looking for top of the line or anything. Just something that can handle things like ME3 (when it comes out), WOW, and then the games I already have like ME1,2, Witcher, and stuff along that line. I'd like to keep the cost under $700 if possible, but I will bump as high as 800. Like I said, not requiring top of the line.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. There's not a lot to do in the damn desert except sit at USO's and kill time.

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