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About 8 Bit Panda:

8 Bit Panda was born on July 4th 2011 with its first strip so it's still extremely new! It's kind of like Penny Arcade with a pseudo Anime/Manga style. The dialogue is also very straight forward. There are six strips up right now but we try and get 2 or 3 finished a week if we're not overwhelmed with other responsibilities. The strip was created by myself and a friend when we wanted to put out a comic that best represented us as hardcore gamers and as industry watchers. We wanted to have the semblance of a plot with a slight fantastical or surreal twist. (Game stores don't usually allow penguins inside.) We would likely have more strips completed but I'm usually busy running GSCentral.org and my friend (who draws the comic) is kept busy trying to keep up with all of the ideas I come up with!

What do you guys think? I usually hear 'abstract' and quite 'unique' but then again I am no Stan Lee! :)

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    You're gonna wanna post some art in the thread itself. This is considered 'site-whoring' which is frowned upon here. If you want actual replies and opinions and whatnot, post some strips or pages or whatever this is in your actual post so we can see em!

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    Somebody hasn't read the rules have they (wait, what the fuck - we don't have a 'roll eyes' smiley anymore!?)
    Anyways. If you'd like feedback on your stuff you'll have to post it here, in this thread, instead of just linking (referring to section-7 from the Rules Thread - Read Before Posting!, that'd be sitewhoring)
    edit: damn you acadia! I was gonna bust this lawbreaker and harvest all the honor! Now I'll just become a failed cop, eventually going into the crymebizz itself as a corrupt coppa.

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    Sorry guys! Had an account but never knew there were rules like that.

    I'd post the strip on its own but there's the header, etc.

    Here is all of the comics via direct links:



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    No see, I'm pretty sure this is still considered sitewhoring. We don't want links, we just want images. Do you use any image hosts like photobucket or imageshack?

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    or other retarded one's that you should probably never use if you have the option, like upload house... terrible image hosting.

    then there's tumblr.

    see the [doodle] thread for examples of how pictures should appear in a thread, or the rules thread on what constitutes site-whoring.

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    Reduce the size of your logo by about 75%.

    I am having a very difficult time understanding the order I am supposed to read the panels in. Inconsistent gutter widths and overlapping dialogue balloons are really ruining the flow. I did not understand any of the punchlines.

    Are there no links on any of the comic pages? There's no navigation? I can't even get to a home page for the comic?

    Comics focusing only on video games is a bit cliche at this point, isn't it? Unless you can bring a really unique twist to what has already been done, you might want to focus your energy elsewhere. And when I think of Pandas and video games, I think of PVP.

    I'm not trying to discourage you from doing a comic, it's good practice, but there's room for massive improvement here.

    And you should really post the comics themselves here, not links to outside pages. I would make the comics smaller too. They seem unnecessarily large.


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    i will also admit I had some difficulty navigating the website.

    and is there some point to the shark? It seems bit out of place.

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