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Post-[Phalla]ism: Phalla After Death - Game Over - Mages/Angels Victorious

Rawkking GoodguyRawkking Goodguy Registered User regular
edited August 2011 in Critical Failures
Phalla After Death
A Rawkking Goodguy Production
Cohosted by Pigeonking

We, the Phalla Tribe, have lived here for centuries. With our tradition and magic we've achieved harmony with the living and dead for years, drawing upon the guidance of their ancestors to create a peaceful society, rigid and steadfast in our ways. Guided by the wisdom of our ancestors, the tribe shall remain as prosperous as it is forever.

Except suddenly, newcomers have arrived: foreign scholars claiming ancestry from a distant land. At first we greeted them openly, but relations went sour when we discovered them tampering with the megaliths used to commune with the dead. I took up my spear and we confronted them for their crimes. Their response was horrific conjuring lightning from the sky, incinerating dozens of us. Only myself and a few warriors from that warband managed to limp back to camp to tell the tale.

All the tribal shaman rose and joined the warriors in preparing for battle for the first time in over a century, ready to command their spiritual magic to counter this new threat's own abilities. We were shocked when the hunters of the tribe reported that there was no sign of any large group living in any of the caves, or any sign of another camp nearby. Turning to our ancestors, it was revealed to us that the threat now resided in the village itself: somehow the foreign scholars had managed to infiltrate the tribe of phalla. But we were not afraid.

Our ancestors shall watch over us. They have seen the generations of the village of phalla rise and fall throughout the ages. They will guide us to determine who didn't belong, who had never belonged in the first place, no matter what foul magic these scholars may be using.

Welcome to Post-Phallaism!

This is a main phalla, I recommend you go here if you are not familiar with what a phalla is. All standard rules listed on that page apply to this game, IE no screencaps, no adding players to conversations (start a new conversation if you want to add people to a PM chain), only one ghost pos...on second thought, that rule may or may not be different for you in this game.

Basically, this game arose when I was killed early (as is wont to happen) several games ago, and thought "What if I could do just one more thing to affect the game?" and expanded it to "What if everyone could do just one more thing to affect the game?" and well...things just took shape from there.

The main gimmick of this game is that every single player in it will have a "spirit ability".

Or simply, an ability that can only be used after that player is no longer alive. These will take various forms, from limited use circumvention of the standard ghost posting rules to more interesting powers.

I stress that standard ghost posting rules still apply unless your power explicitly allows you circumvent part of it, and if you can circumvent part of it you can ONLY circumvent that part of it. At default, dead players can't talk to other dead players or other living players about the game, and living players can only converse among themselves or post in the public game thread which the dead are still allowed to view. Unless otherwise stated you may only post a "goodbye" post once in thread which cannot discuss the game at large and especially not who you think is part of the mafia, or otherwise attempting to persuade other living players in the game of anything game-related.

Win Conditions

This game uses the standard mafia vs. village format. A sample village role PM will be posted here at or before game start.

Sample role PM:
You are...

…a tribal villager!
One member of the tribe at large, you contribute to the community as much as you can, whether it be in agriculture, crafting, war, or more. The mage’s guild has threatened your way of life, and you must band together with your fellow tribesmen to fend them off!

Win condition: Eliminate the Mage’s Guild of Wangshire

Spirit Ability: Unknown. You don't think all that much about what you will do when you shuffle off this mortal coil. Let's take life one step at a time, okay? (Your spirit ability will be revealed to you upon death).


This is a hidden mechanics game. You're welcome to ask questions regardless, just don't expect information to be forthcoming~


Failure to vote and post at least twice in thread will result in a player's first inactivity warning and their role being spirit marked. Clarification denied on what this actually means, save that it doesn't sound like something you want. Doing so a second time will result in the player either being replaced by a reserve or removed from the game. The force known as Inactivus slowly erodes a being's sense of self until they remember nothing of what they once were, and as such a player who is removed from the game by inactivity may not use their spirit ability.

Edit: A player replacing an inactive player can still use their spirit ability after death, unless they themselves are killed by inactivus.


To vote for a player, type their name in bold red. Though not required to change your vote, retractions may be made in limegreen

Darian wrote:
Did we ever ask what happens in the event of a tie vote?

Always good to let the hosts CLARIFICATION DENIED more to keep them happy.

Indeed. Maybe I'll let pigeon deny the next clarification. (That means clarification denied)
wildwood wrote:
Is there a set action order? Do vote deaths happen before mafia deaths?

Everything else (clarification denied on the exact order of actions in "everything else") > vote kill

Darian wrote:
I'll give this one a shot

What is the order of actions? If the vote is not first, does the vote trickle?
Are there conversions in the game?
What will happen to people who try to signup in lime after you specified limegreen?

In order:
Everything else -> Vote
The vote does trickle.
There are no conversion abilities.
Clarification denied!

Are there thralls and/or millers?

Are seer results always reliable?

Can the vote be blocked, redirected or otherwise manipulated in any way?

Apparently the term "hidden mechanics game" isn't as widespread as I thought?

(it means all information about roles in the game is CLARIFICATION DENIED, people :P)

To sign up, !sign up in limegreen in this thread. This is a game for either 40, 50, or 60 players, depending on the numbers we get. Signups are expected to end on Friday 12:00 AM EST (Friday, 5 AM GMT) unless they are extended. Vote close will be at 9 PM EST (2 AM GMT)

Player List:
4. Stever777
5. Tmoiy
21. Cythraul
28. Lucedes
39. FecklessRogue
45. Jdarksun

Day 1 Eliminated:
MaxFrost – Spirit Stalker - Vote
Zandracon – Tribal Villager – pummeled
Wandering Hero – The Cultist – pummeled and cut in half.
Phyphor – Tribal Warrior – brought a club to a wizarding fight
DeliciousTacos – Tribal Villager – cooked with magic flame

Day 2 Eliminated:
Capfalcon – Chieftain’s Wife – vote
Teucrian – Tribal Guardian – bisected with an axe
Kime – Tribal Villager – exploded
Void Slayer – Tribal Villager – struck with lightning

Day 3 Eliminated:
Matev – Tribal Villager – Vote
Warban – Tribal Villager – cut in half
Egos – Tribal Villager – reaped
Darian – Tribal Villager – victim of applied magery
Kuhlmeye – Mad Witch Doctor – burnt to death

Day 4 Eliminated:
Peccavi – Tribal Villager – vote
Spoit – Tribal Villager – golem rampage
Retaba – Tribal Guardian – golem rampage
Infidel – Tribal Villager – reaped
Romanqwerty – Tribal Priest – cut in twain
Extermatott – Tribal Villager – faded away (inactivus)

Day 5 Eliminated:
101 – Tribal Villager – vote
Lonelyahava – Tribal Villager – bisected with an axe
Jason Todd – Tribal Warrior – zzap
SeGaTai – Tribal Villager – bzzt
SLyM – The Abjurer - reaped

Day 6 Eliminated:
Facetious – Tribal Villager - vote
Redasaur – Tribal Seer – applied magery
Freeagent - Spirit Guardian – applied magery
Rend – Tribal Villager – reaped
Langly – Tribal Villager – bisected with an axe

Day 7 Eliminated:
Baidol – Mage – Vote
Virgil_Leads_You – Mage – bisected by an axe
Gumpy – Tribal Villager – wizard beam through the stomach
The Anonymous – Tribal Villager – immolated
Savant – Mage – vengeance of the dead
Mr. Defecation – Angel – reaped
Drez - Chieftain - vengeance of the dead

Day 8 Eliminated:
Wildwood – The Demon – Vote
Locus – Mage – demon’s final defiance
I Needed a Name to Post – Tribal Villager – rocks fall
Corvidae – Spirit Walker – everyone dies
Kingmole – Tribal Villager – vengeance of the dead
Alegis – Tribal Villager – vengeance of the dead
Reg Rysk - Tribal Villager - reaped

The Mage’s Guild of Wangshire has equaled or outnumbered the remaning players, and obtained victory!
The Angels have prevented the apocalypse by ensuring a side obtained victory before the cultist’s
victory condition could be met!

Surviving Players:
Stever777 – Tribal Villager
Cythrual – The Nullifier
FecklessRogue – Mage
Jdarksun – The Diviner
Lucedes – Mage
Tmoiy – Angel

The Victorious Deceased:
Baidol – Mage
Locus – Mage
Romanqwerty - The Illusionist
SlyM – The Abjurer
Savant – Mage
Virgil_Leads_You - Mage
Mr. Defecation – Angel

Narration Links
Day 0
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8 (final)

Host Proboards
Post-Game Commentary: Spirit Abilities and Role Layout
Neutral Role PMs
Village Special PMs
Mafia Role PMs

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