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True Hollywood Adventures

howardshumhowardshum Registered User
edited August 2011 in Artist's Corner
I have a new online comic strip called "True Hollywood Adventures." I'm doing 3 new strips a week. You can check them all out here


Howard M. Shum
howardshum on


  • farbekriegfarbekrieg Registered User regular
    so is this just an ad to get people to your blog or are you actually seeking critical feedback on your stuff?

    because the lack of any background what so ever is giving your work a that everyone is floating in 2d space vibe

  • MustangMustang Registered User regular
    The writing is not strong, it reads like the segway jokes from a Partridge Family Variety Hour or something equally terrible from the 1970's.
    Opening with "Angelina Jolie is in my apartment and I'm not dreaming" has all the tact of "Previously on Family Ties; Alex P Keaton liked money." If people find your comic interesting, they'll read the back-story regardless, there's no need to hand feed them.

  • NibCromNibCrom Registered User regular
    If you're going to use ellipses for the dialogue balloons, don't switch to back and forth to rectangles. Typically that indicates that the source of the dialogue is changing. For example, ellipses could be used for dialogue coming from people, and rectangles would be used for dialogue coming from a television or radio. You could use one or the other, but you should be consistent about it.

  • The Lovely BastardThe Lovely Bastard Registered User regular
    First of all, you are trying to make it funny, right?

    read this:

    Secondly: is this a twist on the movie Wanted?

    If so, it is not very timely and you may wanna rethink it. You do not wanna date your comedy, nor do you wanna date it by using an already dated premise.


    It would help if Angelina Jolie looked like Angelina Jolie

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