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NFD Website Design

DestinyamberDestinyamber Registered User
edited August 2011 in Artist's Corner
I'd just like to hear some feedback on what you think of my current website and the sites I have created -

Basically, my style is focused around minimalism, but with a hint of creativity, hence why I decided to go with a simple, one-page website. However, when it comes to my clients, I usually variate my style corresponding to their business goals and wants.

What do you all think? Constructive criticism is appreciated as I'm always trying to improve conversions and my skillset. -- web, print, and marketing services
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  • beavotronbeavotron Registered User regular
    I think the layouts are useable and nice enough but my overall impressions of the sites you've created is that they're... For lack of a better word... A tad boring and don't speak much about the businesses they represent.
    I think the major problem that will probably fix a lot of it is your color choices.

    There's no real harmony in the colors and a lot of them are bland without having anything that pops out at me. The pizza page for instance... Standard green, standard dark red and standard yellowy white. Granted, that color scheme is standard for pizza places (my dad owns a pizza franchise back home and he also uses variations of the old green red yellow) but it's boring and doesn't make that business stand out in any way. If you gave me that pizza website and a bunch of other ones, it wouldn't jump out at me

    Sloan Gorman, same thing. You have this vivid, vibrant picture of flowers, and all around it is just bland green. I find myself just staring at the flowers because everything around it is so bland in comparison. You don't want people focusing on the stock imagery you use, that should be assisting the website as an accent, not a focal point.

    All the other ones, boring color schemes

    It's an easy fix. Before you start anything, pop up adobe kuler or photoshop or whatever and play around with color schemes. There are hundreds of scheme generators on the Internet that you can mess around with, and almost all of them have the ability to download a swatch you like right into your software of choice.

    If you have a picture youre using for inspiration (flowers for Sloan Gorman for instance) pop that picture Into photoshop and try to pull a good color scheme from it.

    Hope this helps a bit!

  • MeerkatMeerkat Registered User regular
    For the color scheme website I highly recommend

    It's very flexible and it gives you a nice balance between warm and cool colors. I have mixed feelings about the 1 page format. I have no idea what clients associated with marketing or other businesses look for when they search people, but at this point your site feels abit more like that it hosts website templates.

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