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Play D&D at PAX Prime 2011



  • NotoriusBENNotoriusBEN Registered User regular
    combat may be a little slower than your used to, the compy did all your calculations for you, but its not terribly difficult stuff. just add modifiers to dice rolls.

    best advice I can give:

    -show up with a smile and ask if people are in need of another player. someone will need a fourth or fifth always.
    -be attentive in combat. have a couple ways ready to play your turn when it comes up and know what you need to roll to make it happen. It makes the game move so much faster when you do.
    -have fun. this is pretty simple.

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  • DrunkenJediAKDrunkenJediAK Registered User
    Basically what the above poster said. Don't be shy, everyone that's sitting at a table probably loves DnD even more than you do (nevermind they totally do, no probably involved).

    Remember to look over your abilities, and plan ahead for what you will do on *your* turn. It's slower paced than the PC like Notorius said, so you'll want to pre-plan your strategy so you're ready to rock
    on your turn. Unless a massive Dragon tail swipes you into a lava pit or something, then things get hairy =P.

    My added advice would be to use your IMAGINATION *does the Spongebob rainbow graphic*. Look at your abilities, make a note of your surroundings, and have fun with it. DnD isn't limited to
    computer generated physics or hardware so whatever you can come up with works, if you roll high enough and it's plausible. Just never try to lasso a Dragon with your rope. It never ends well.

  • AlphastreamAlphastream Registered User regular
    iguy wrote:
    Chaossebba wrote:
    I'd love it if there was a newbie kind of thing going on, a friend and I have always been interested but never had the time or means to get into it. Pax would be a great time to get into it perhaps.

    As would I, I've never played and am always too intimidated to start.
    Hi folks, I'm one of the DMs at this year's PAX D&D events. The DMs that attend PAX are very good at working with new players. We tend to be pretty devoted to growing the hobby and we love to see new players have a great time. At a recent GameStorm convention I ran 4th edition (an Ashes of Athas organized play game) for a mix of experienced 4E players, a Pathfinder player that had never tried 4E, and a player that had not played D&D since 3.5. At Encounters sessions at local gaming stores I have ran 4E for players that have not played D&D ever and for others that have not played since the purple boxed set. We welcome all new players!

    If you are brand new or like to get a firm foundation, Learn to Play is perfect for you.

    The Drizzt board game also can provide a bit of an example of 4E as it is based on 4th edition (my kids love playing these board games).

    The Delve is a great short (1 hour) experience. There are three levels of difficulty (from intro to expert) and you work as a team to beat the entire map (which increases in difficulty as you advance).

    D&D Encounters features the first three sessions from the new season of the store-based Wednesday night program. Show up at 1 and 6 to play a 4.5 hour run through all three sessions. After you are done you can take your PC to future Encounters sessions at your local gaming store. Encounters is a great way to have an ongoing D&D play experience. You can use a pregen or bring your own PC (see the Encounters page for more info).

    Gardmore Abbey is a traditional D&D classic adventure experience. You play through a cool adventure for 6th level PCs (pregens are provided) and this serves as an intro to the upcoming Gardmore Abbey boxed set. This is a great pick if you have some 4E experience, want to play through an adventure, like more RP in your game, and/or want a higher level game.

    The DM's challenge is specifically for experienced DMs that want to show off their encounter and adventure design chops. They are usually fantastic experiences for players because the DMs are working overtime to please you and create a super-fun experience. You are often treated to very well crafted adventures with unique mechanics and role-play.

    Bottom line, show up at the D&D tabletop area and you will be taken care of! Our team of DMs will help you find a fun event for you regardless of your experience level!

  • AlphastreamAlphastream Registered User regular
    GrangerX wrote:
    Hi all!

    So, I'm a PC gamer, mostly, that despite having owned a red-box and all the assorted monster manuals and such from way back when, never has actually played D&D not on a PC.

    Anyway, I always say I'd like to come over and see how the D&D folks roll, but I never have, mostly because I feel almost like I need to know somebody to enter.

    So, I figured I'd actually reach out this time around and see if any kind souls had suggestions / words-of-advice.


    PS. I have a copy of the 3-book 4th Edition Gift Set and some dice I can bring along.
    You can certainly bring your Player's Handbook if you find it helpful. The events do have pregens that are printed in a special format designed to be easy to run by new players.

    With so many interactions between video games and rpgs it can be pretty fun to explore both sides. You don't need to bring a friend or know anyone to get started. You don't need special gear or anything other than yourself and a desire to have fun.

    It seem a bit unnerving to try something new, but once you roll the dice and see the enemies driven before you the imagination and sense of adventure takes over. Have fun and follow the lead of those around you!

  • iSamuraiiSamurai Registered User regular
    Hey does anyone know how long the board games usually run for first timers?

  • Undead ScottsmanUndead Scottsman Registered User regular
    About an hour and a half, maybe a little longer depending on the adventure. A little shorter too depending on how quickly you pick it up.

  • iSamuraiiSamurai Registered User regular
    OK that's what I figured.

  • BrosktBroskt Registered User
    susan wrote:
    It pains me deeply that I won't be able to defend my DMing title at PAX this year :( . Too much else to do, both at PAX and before. Good luck to y'all DM's out there, may your monsters be lethal, your challenges challenging, and your players enraptured by your badassness and humor.

    I'm sad you won't be able to take part again, I was part of your game and wanted to see you compete again. Less competition for me then it seems :p

  • NotoriusBENNotoriusBEN Registered User regular
    Hey Matev and Gamershark, when did you guys want to meet up for a DnD game? couldnt find you all on Friday. (not that it would be easy anyway)
    My bro and I are going to the Aquisitions Inc. panel, then plan on playing DnD the rest of the night at the annex.
    Come on by us, Im the guy with the steelbattalion buttons, he's the one with a goatee and the only Gears of War army cap I've seen at PAX so far

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