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Song by some Youtube artist

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So, this is a long shot...

This guy is a musician on Youtube. He's not some guy in his mom's basement; he obviously signed, though he's not famous. I think this video had a few thousand views at most.

It's him on acoustic guitar. He's singing a song about the state of the world, and he's like

"it's ____ and ____ and ____ and ____

and it's ____ and ____ and ____ and ____"

Then at the end of each chorus like that it says the title of the song- which, obviously, I can't remember.

sorry I don't have more!

These lyrics aren't correct, but it's along the lines of:

it's war and peace and water and chocolate
and it's blah and blah and herp and it's derp
it's styrofoam tablets

where styrofoam tablets (just a madeup phrase) is the name of the song. hmmmmm.

It is kind of a dark song, as I recall- really going on and on about how shitty the state of the world is, but it's kind of an upbeat guitar riff.

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