PAX Prime 2011: Tabletop Workshop Feedback

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Hey guys!

This year I was one of the Enforcers helping with the Tabletop Workshops and Guest GM sessions. I know that a lot of people didn't hear about these - they weren't supposed to be a secret, but the project was new this year and there was no chance to get it into the program books. For those of you who didn't hear, this year we had several 2-hour hands-on workshops and roundtable discussions with spots for 15-20 people, and tabletop RPG sessions with Guest GMS who wrote either the systems or the modules they were running.

For those of you who did see what we had, I'd like to hear some feedback or suggestions. I'm not in charge of this whole operation and I can't guarantee your suggestions will be implemented, but I can promise to pass them on so we can work on improving this set-up.

If your only recommendation is "ADVERTISE MOAR" or something similar - yes, we know, we're working on it. What I'd like to know is things like if you'd prefer we keep the 6-hour guest GM sessions, or maybe try for something a bit shorter so we could have a greater variety. Also, what kind of content would you like to see in the workshops? I know Keith Baker's discussion on running Eberron was a big hit, as was the Open GM roundtable, but your ideas for workshop content are welcome.

Let's make this project at least 20% cooler for future PAXes!


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  • KaneBlaireauKaneBlaireau Registered User regular
    WOW! Wish I had known! Could have brought my home-brew system/setting! Working on getting a website for it. Hopefully will have it there next year in some form.

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    Wow, I didn't know about these either- next year I'll definitely keep an eye out for them!
    As far as game length, I personally would vote for shorter. Perhaps I'm in the minority, but I suffer from PAX-ADHD. The options begin to pile up and I'm under such an amount of time stress it tends to push me through everything I do all weekend. I know when I'm on the exhibit floor you have five minutes to sell me on a game before I am going to move on to the next booth, and while tabletop is a lot mellower anything over a half-hour is just too much of a commitment while the rest of the show is open.
    After-hours tabletop, OTOH, can run as long as it runs.

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    I *think* that's what I meant to say...
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    Is this the same thing as the GM challenge?

    if so:
    I actually heard about this before PAX. But, once I arrived, I got kind of....too intimidated to ask where this was happening or how it works exactly for attendees. I'm one of those introverted types that will read up on everything and up and talk to no one. So yeah, thanks for agreeing to do more advertising.

    if not:
    T_T boo-urns! next year!!

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