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Laptop Suggestions

disparatebionicdisparatebionic Registered User
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Looking to buy a laptop to use mainly for programming and work stuff but would like to be able watch Netflix and play some games (Civ 5, Starcraft, Minecraft mainly) when I need a break. Right now I'm looking at a Vaio S* series or an Ideapad V or Y series.

The last time I bought a laptop (an HP about 5 years ago) it's hdd died within 2 months and within the first year just stopped booting up entirely (guessing it was a mobo issue). So I'm looking for something that can handle some serious use. I've never had either a Sony or Lenovo laptop before so curious if anyone else has used those and what they thought or if they had any issues with them. Other suggestions for decent laptops would be welcome, under $1500, 14" screen preferred.

*A quick note as to why I'm even considering the Vaio S, it's supposed to have a long battery life (even more with a larger capacity) so I'm using that to justify the price compared to others.

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  • Joe Camacho MKIIJoe Camacho MKII Registered User regular
    If you can, look at the ASUS N82 series of laptops, Around a year and a half ago I bought an N81VP-DS 14 inch laptop, which is pretty good for gaming; and I get around 3 hours of battery life on Battery Saving mode (I don't think you can get a laptop with "long battery life" and still be able to play heavy games or on their best setttings, but I might be mistaken).

    I'm actually considering evetually upgrading my ASUS N81VP-D2 to a N82 later on.

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  • DevoutlyApatheticDevoutlyApathetic Registered User regular
    Laptops are about the only thing I'll buy an extended warranty on and even then I tend to shop at business orientated sites so the support doesn't suck. I've had decent luck with Dell Small Business. If you hover over bargain sites you can get a good deal there with typically a few years warranty.

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