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Recommend a Good Gaming Standalone Mic

lapinokenlapinoken Registered User
Hey guys,

Currently I have a wireless headset and a microphone built into my computer.

But, when I game/skype/ventrilo/record/... I sound like as if I'm in a small cardboard box. The audio is flat and some tones are missing.
So I started looking for some stand-alone microphones. After a few tries with different microphones one worser than the other I gave up.

I've done a lookup here on the forum but most of them handle a mic/headset combo but because I don't really feel like tossing my headset out I was wondering if any of you guys have expierience with a good-quality microphone.
I certainly don't want to do a recording of a symphonic orchestra, but making me sound loud and clear will do.

lapinoken on


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