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Selling plane tickets

HeavyVillainHeavyVillain Registered User regular
edited August 2011 in Help / Advice Forum
Hi there h/a

So something has come up and my sis has to cancel a planned 3 day holiday. But shes with ryanair who has a no refunds policy, but you can at least pay a little money and change the name on the ticket

so my question is is there a good (UK based .. ?) web site for finding a buyer for this kind of thing?

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  • EshEsh Tending bar. FFXIV. Motorcycles. Portland, ORRegistered User regular

  • HeavyVillainHeavyVillain Registered User regular
    thanks for the suggestion, but i was hoping maybe there were sites for this specificly?

    seems a bit farfetched but something paypal intergrated (or whatever) so theres less of a buyer/seller beware attitude

    I know theres places for selling on concert tickets bt I guess thats a whole diff kettle of fish!

  • CroakerBCCroakerBC TorontoRegistered User regular
    Sadly, there is no UK Craigslist.
    The closest equivalent I'm aware of is Ebay, with all the usual risks

  • Mojo_JojoMojo_Jojo We are only now beginning to understand the full power and ramifications of sexual intercourse Registered User regular
    Gumtree is pretty much the non-US version of Craigslist. But yeah, I wouldn't want to do it that way either.

    I think you're up shit creek here, you're best bet is friends or acquaintances (we used to get a few uni wide emails a year with just this type of thing).

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  • Skoal CatSkoal Cat Registered User
    If you have a friend in college, an e-mail out on the listserv might be a good idea. I take it you're not interested in going on holiday?

    ceres wrote: »
    Skoal Cat is correct.
  • HeavyVillainHeavyVillain Registered User regular
    fraid not. So I guess her best bet right now is just t ask around and see if friends or work want to buy the ticket off her

    thanks anyway guys!

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