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What is the longest you've had to wait in line for?

iSurrenderiSurrender Registered User
edited September 2011 in PAX Archive
For me personally, it would have to be the Skyrim line. However, I only waited an hour and fifteen minutes compared to many who waited the entire day. I'm not sure if I was just lucky or if I just lined up at a time when a super special panel was on; I went around 4 -5 ish on Friday, which might have explained it. I also went to the Borderlands 2 line on Sunday around 3 - 4 pm and the line was definitely only an hour long, which surprised me as well since it was one of the most popular titles at the expo.

What about you guys? This was my first PAX and with all the complaints surrounding the amount of lines at the expo, it honestly didn't bother me at all. It would also help if you posted the time and the day that you went to line up for [insert game title].

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  • DehumanizedDehumanized Registered User regular
    edited September 2011
    I don't think I waited more than 40 minutes in any given line, and probably no more than 30 minutes in the Expo hall. Of course, for all the really long line stuff I already knew whether I was going to buy it before PAX so there was no purpose for me to stand in a line to enter a pointlessly restricted booth and watch a video.

    The 40 minute wait was to get into the Gearbox panel. 30 minute wait was to play Twisted Metal, which was totally worth it.

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  • basicallygeekbasicallygeek Registered User
    I waited a little less than 2 hours on Sunday for Star Wars. I played in the last demo of Huttball, Republic side

  • ReparadocsReparadocs Registered User regular
    I spent 1.5 hours waiting for the Friday Night Concerts >.< I kinda regret it, but it was my first PAX and I didn't know better. I guess I got good seats tho...

  • yanthraxyanthrax Registered User regular
    I started lining up for the David Jaffe keynote (since it spilled into the main PA Q&A) around 7:30AM, but I was able to get a seat in the second row because of it.

  • misfitmisfit Registered User
    Just 2 hours in the queue room on Sunday morning, and only because I had a get a GW shirt for my little sister. Support the gaming habit early and often.

  • mgriff3456mgriff3456 Registered User regular
    During the last Pax East I waited in line for 3 hours to get into the one concert. It was totally worth it though. I was in the first row for the concert.

  • p0rtugalviip0rtugalvii Registered User regular
    Since 9pm Thursday to enter the expo hall. 13 hours.

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  • emimonsteremimonster Silicon ValleyRegistered User regular
    For perspective, I waited in line at AX in 200...3? (I think?) all day for the cosplay contest.... And I wasn't even 1st in line. So basically we all missed out on an entire day of the con.

    I did the 7:30 until 10am thing for the keynote/PA QA, too. Lots of people in front of me. You'd think we were buying an iphone or something!

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