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[PRIME] Buttoneering PAX Prime '11 Button Remote Swap - Sign up by September 16

Menolly07Menolly07 Registered User regular
edited October 2011 in PAX Archive
This is for the button series from PAX Prime 2011
If I missed you then it's probably because I did not receive a DM from you. Muddling through the forum thread is challenging to find your names. Please do DM if you would like to be added!

Alegria/Alassel -RECEIVED
ChaoticMuse -RECEIVED
Cliffs of Sanity -RECEIVED
Cultural Geek Girl -RECEIVED
Ghola Duncan -RECEIVED
Menolly07 -RECEIVED
Rogue_Hunter - can't participate
Skarsol's +1 (who is?)
zerzhul -RECEIVED

Wee (has buttons left over but completed their collection, awesomely would still like to help those that are missing their button!)

I had originally planned to give until yesterday, September 9th, for folks to "sign up" but am willing to give it more time with the group's ok. If you're not in a rush it may be good to give it another week with its own thread on the forum.

If we go with that plan then our 'deadlines' will be September 16th to sign up. Mail your buttons and your wish list by September 23 then I'll get to work. How quickly I can turn-around shipping will be TOTALLY up to you guys! If I get buttons, I can sort. If buttons aren't mailed, I can't sort them. If you could post on here when you shipped them I can keep a tally of who sent vs who didn't. That way I know when I can confirm all buttons are/should have been received. This will let me seal up envelopes/boxes/parcels/carrier pigeons/gnomes and get them sent off to you.

The particulars of what I, your fearless organizer, will need:
- A container of your buttons mailed, to me. DM me for my address. I'm in the US, in Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh to be precise (go Steelers)

- With the buttons I need your list of 'wish list' buttons. Whatever buttons you absolutely desire to have should top that list
a. Use the Buttoneering website names as your name on your wish list.
b. Please list your buttons: "USERNAME: name of button" This will help me picture match and double check that I am sending you the RIGHT buttons.

- Keep in mind that the buttons you are able to receive are directly related to the buttons I am sent. Spread the word.
a. I will do my best to be fair. It is possible that other people will want the same buttons. I'll try to spread out high wishlist buttons over everybody.
b. Include any buttons you would like to receive, no matter how low down the list they are. I will only be sending what you ask for, so if Joe Schmo's button is one you're missing but not high on your list to receive it and you leave it off. You won't get it.

- I'll need your name (real one please) and address with the box

- Please sort your buttons and mark them with their name as it appears on the Buttoneering website.

- I am planning to send in padded envelopes unless you end up with a metric-fuck-ton (yes, that's a real measurement). I'll box up your ton of metric fucks and send them to you.

- If you, for some reason, want your valuable buttons insured/delivery confirmed I'll send them that way then send you a PayPal request for money. It'll be easiest that way.

- Once I have a better idea of how much $$ this will cost I may tack up a chip-in/paypal/something similar to request VOLUNTARY donations.
a. Joining doesn't mean you have to pay anything. It's not about that.
b. I may not ask any donations at all.
c. I love you all.
d. tl;dr?

Still PAXing strong. [E] for lyfe. ELand forever.
Menolly07 on


  • G4MERG4MER Registered User
    edited September 2011
    I Have Buttons left over and am more than willing to remote trade.

    So for the retarded, we mail our extra buttons and a wish list too you, if the others send in their buttons you facilitate all trades and mail them out to the lucky recipients.

    G4MER on
  • SwaeSwae Registered User regular
    PM sent, count me in for this! I have about 11 of my cherry buttons left.

  • SwordMageSwordMage Registered User regular
    I'm totally game. I'll toss you a PM with my info.

    SwordMage, aka Willa
    twitter: SwordMage86
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  • alegriaalegria Registered User regular
    Still in for this! :) I'll send you a PM shortly.

    PAX Prime Attendee since 2006, BYOC Attendee 2008-2012, Buttoneer 2010-2014
  • Menolly07Menolly07 Registered User regular
    edited September 2011
    G4MER wrote:
    I Have Buttons left over and am more than willing to remote trade.

    So for the retarded, we mail our extra buttons and a wish list too you, if the others send in their buttons you facilitate all trades and mail them out to the lucky recipients.

    Yes indeedy. I'd make your list in a general order of most to least wanted that way, even if I don't get THE button that you most want ever, you'll still be able to fill your button collection holes. #thatswhatshesaid

    Also, I alphabetized the list. I decided G4amer should be alphabetically placed according to it's phonetik spelling.

    Menolly07 on
    Still PAXing strong. [E] for lyfe. ELand forever.
  • contrefaitcontrefait Registered User regular
    I am totally in. When I'm not lazy, I'll add my other buttons to the buttoneer site.

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  • Menolly07Menolly07 Registered User regular
    Luckily this requires MINIMAL effort on your part. Imagine, for a moment, how difficult it would be to try and find ALL THE BUTTONS on your own! <3

    Still PAXing strong. [E] for lyfe. ELand forever.
  • weewee Registered User regular
    Just wondering, has the mail-in process started yet? I didn't get your address in a PM yet, Menolly07.

  • Cliffs of SanityCliffs of Sanity Registered User regular
    I also have not received an address from Menolly07. I PM'd on Friday, but since this was my first time trying to PM anyone, I have no idea if I did it correctly or if the PM was received.

  • PickettPickett Registered User regular
    I am in the same boat as Cliffs of Sanity. I sent a message last week, but have no idea if I did it correctly.

  • Menolly07Menolly07 Registered User regular
    It seems I had a techiccup. I sent PMs from my phone in reply and added people to the list via my "dumb"phone. It looked to have worked, but did not. Grar! I'm correcting that now.

    Wee, yes, the mail in has begun.

    I've added you all onto the Group Conversation, so I BELIEVE it should appear for you now. Let me know if it does not. Thanks!

    Still PAXing strong. [E] for lyfe. ELand forever.
  • Menolly07Menolly07 Registered User regular
    Hey, guys. Buttons have started rolling in. And... I'm kind of in happy ferret mode. I see ALL THE COLOURS!!!! <3<3<3

    Really awesome Wee sent along a massive amount of buttons with her own including some for people NOT involved in the remote swap. Keep that in mind when making your lists. I didn't make that clear enough, I don't think, there will be SOME buttons for people who aren't doing the remote swap.

    Hubby and I are also doubling up our collection and canceling out duplicates to throw into the pile.

    If you've already sent your buttons/list please do drop me a line if you want to change it. I know some people have sent a list but only included the people in the swap. I wanted the list with the "order of desire" to help fill holes... And I've so much buttony goodness with which to fill holes.

    The AWESOME thing about this is that, because we're a small number, it means we can fill a lot more holes for a lot more people potentially. Yay! Buttons!

    Still PAXing strong. [E] for lyfe. ELand forever.
  • PickettPickett Registered User regular
    Hi Menolly!

    I am sorry to report that I could not make it to the post office today. Things got a little crazy, a mop was involved...

    At any rate, I will do my best to get my buttons to the post office tomorrow morning, but I am judging a Magic: The Gathering pre-release at midnight tonight, so I have no idea what state I will be in come morning. (Yes, I am so much of a geek that I am a judge for Magic...) But I will priority mail them, and they should only take a day or two to get to you, as I am only a couple of states away from you.

  • Menolly07Menolly07 Registered User regular
    Just in case you don't see the group message, yours did arrive, Pickett! Thanks. ^.^

    Still PAXing strong. [E] for lyfe. ELand forever.
  • Menolly07Menolly07 Registered User regular
    Cross-posting from the group message:
    "Sadly friends,

    Work has kept me insanely busy, and I will not be able to participate in this particular soiree. However, I do have plenty of buttons and if you have your heart set on my Danger Mouse and or Penfold buttons, I can see what I can do of just sending it to you. Shoot me a PM and I will do my best.

    Sorry for the late notice,


    Still PAXing strong. [E] for lyfe. ELand forever.
  • SwaeSwae Registered User regular
    So...yeah. I've been traveling for work for the last 3 weeks, so my buttons haven't been mailed out yet. Can I still do this?

  • Menolly07Menolly07 Registered User regular
    Hey guys, I don't have everybody's buttons yet, but I'm going to start divvying out.

    SwordMage, I need your lists (Ghola Duncan) please.

    Anybody who hasn't mailed, or has mailed and I haven't noted it as received, please drop me a note. I just want to make sure that I keep on top of who's still incoming.

    That's fine Swae, just please get them to me ASAP

    Thanks guys!

    Still PAXing strong. [E] for lyfe. ELand forever.
  • Menolly07Menolly07 Registered User regular
    edited October 2011
    I'm waiting to hear back from folks I've not received buttons from yet. Pretty much everybody on this list wants a button from everybody else, so I wanted to try and touch based with the swappers not able to get me buttons yet. If postage is an issue, we know buttons weigh a lot, I really only absolutely need enough to get one to each of the other swappers (less if you simply don't have enough). Please do let me know if you've shipped them/plan to ship them and an estimate of when or if you aren't able to participate. I know that stuff happens and can totally understand if folks simply aren't able to participate.

    Luckily, between the tremendous bag Wee sent and mine and hubby's extras a lot of holes will be able to get filled for you guys, so that's good.

    These are the extras left, aside from the ones mailed in from the participants:

    Menolly07 on
    Still PAXing strong. [E] for lyfe. ELand forever.
  • Menolly07Menolly07 Registered User regular
    And these are my most recent current extras.

    Still PAXing strong. [E] for lyfe. ELand forever.
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