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Need PAX Friends! Going to East12

KratomKratom Registered User
edited September 2011 in PAX Archive
Hi my names Jordan, All my friends are lame and don't want to go to PAX so I'm saying F'That I'm going by myself. I would like some company to go with though and since we are all gamers we all have at least one thing in common! Maybe some of you could split the hotel cost with me/go to a bar/eat/go to panels together etc etc. Add me on facebook /keiek on skype: keiek to get to know me! I'm not 'that' bad of a guy, promise.

Kickin' Pigeons
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  • SamuraiCiceroSamuraiCicero Registered User
    You'll make friends there, especially if you participate in pre-PAX things like the Magical Mystery Tour. As for hotel, there will be a hotel sharing thread later.

  • BaconSandwichBaconSandwich Registered User regular
    Everyone at PAX is your friend. Just watch.

    PAX East 2010/2011/2012 Omeganaut!
  • jdixon1972jdixon1972 Registered User regular
    Yeh, I've never felt more welcome then when I was at PAX, especially last year. I did the room sharing thing and made some really good friends, so definetly look for the romm sharing thread when it arrives later. Oh, and do some pre pax stuff as well.

  • KratomKratom Registered User
    Awesome, will do. As for pre PAX Stuff, I'm flying in from New Mexico so should I leave a few days before PAX? Or is it like a dinner a couple hours before PAX opens?

    Kickin' Pigeons
  • Wraith260Wraith260 Happiest Goomba! Registered User regular
    there are a few pre-PAX events in the days before it kicks off proper, mostly over the Wed-Thu. threads for each will pop up over time but they include the afore mentioned pre-PAX dinner, the magical mystery tour(one wed, one thu), a Pokemon themed bar crawl and more.

    just keep an eye out here and details for for any and all pre/post PAX get togethers will show up before to long and you'll have plenty of time to decide which one you want to take part in. and of the course the threads themselves are great for finding people to meet up with prior to the pre-PAX stuff too.

  • LokialeLokiale Registered User
    The last time I was able to go to a PAX was in '09 and I still can't get rid of the friends I made from there. XD You'll do fine.

    I can recommend joining in on the Twitter Shitter community (great bunch of folks that number in the hundreds), someone will probably be starting a twitter list for PAX East soon. I'll be going to East too so feel free to add me on twitter (same username) and start collecting friends like a Sheepdog collects burs.

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