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Forum Art for the Artistically Challenged

arwen_doll16_LOTRarwen_doll16_LOTR CommanderRegistered User regular
edited September 2011 in Artist's Corner
I was wondering if there could be a thread (for those of us who are not artistic) where people could ask you all (those who are artistic and very talented) to make us forum avatar pictures and signature pictures?

Would this be cool with people? (sorry if this exists somewhere pls boot me and let me know where it is!)

It would go something like this...(exaggeration and add-lib to follow)

Poster A
Dear artists! I would oh so love you all if you made a forum avatar picture for me to use of _________!
Would you like anything in return?

Poster B
Dear poster A, I would love to do a picture of that! Here is what I have come up with _____ Hope you enjoy it! And nothing needed in return, except maybe a virtual high five?

Poster A
*high five* omg that is so perfect and awesome! (makes it into forum avatar pic)
Thank you so much!!

PLEASE NOTE!!!: You must give credit to those who make your art for you to the artist!! Either the artist can put their own symbol on the art or the user must mention them in their signature etc. Give credit where credit is due!!!

I also assume that the art will not be free and will be commision based and the commission will be set by the artist.

I should go.
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  • OrikaeshigitaeOrikaeshigitae Registered User, ClubPA regular
    From the rules thread:

    10 ) Do Not Ask for Art in a New Thread
    Do not start new threads to ask for free art, tattoo designs, Websites, etc. If you wish to commission paid work, ask in the CHAT or Questions/Discussion thread.

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