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Questionable [Chat]



  • Caveman PawsCaveman Paws Registered User regular
    Inquisitor wrote:
    Absinthe tastes too gross for me to drink enough to get messed up.

    Didn't they use sugar cubes to down that stuff? Also, how hard is it to aquire the real Absinthe and not the legal version?

  • MazzyxMazzyx Comedy Gold Registered User regular
    Tav wrote:
    Mazzyx wrote:
    It annoys me because I got Terraria for 2.50 and have easily gotten 40 hours of play out of it. I just want something to fill that hole till the next Terraria patch.

    Magicka is amazing and severely reduced in price today.

    Bought it and all the expansions for an absurdly cheap price back in July. Needs people to play with otherwise I get bored quickly.

  • InquisitorInquisitor Registered User regular
    Mazzy: there is always tiding yourself over with f2p stuff.

  • MimMim I don’t do cocaine, I just like how it smells Registered User regular
    Mim wrote:
    Mim wrote:
    Man, I got dressed up and shit on Friday and no one wrote a missed connection about me.

    This sucks.

    Have you checked MyLifeIsAverage?

    What...is that?

    It's like FML, but for awesome things.

    Oh. No.

    I'm always checking craigslist's "missed connections" whenever I think I look particularly cute. Alas, apparently in Philadelphia I am the only one who has that opinion. :P

  • ElkiElki get busy Moderator, ClubPA mod
    Do you have a good chat in you? Let it out.


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