Computer is turning off randomly.

jackaljackal Registered User regular
A couple times in the last 24 hours I have left my computer (a desktop) on and when I come back several hours later it is off. So far I haven't seen it turn off myself.

Usually if the power is cut the computer will restart when the power is returned, so it probably isn't that because the computer is completely off. If the power supply messes up it will usually not start back up until the PSU power is toggled iirc, which isn't the case.

The CPU is idling at 40C so it doesn't seem like a thermal cutoff.

I can't find anything in the event viewer.

My son likes to mess with the buttons on the front of the computer, but when I restart chrome tells me it was not shut down properly and afaik the power button tells the OS to shutdown and the OS would send WM_Close to Chrome rather than kill it.

Any ideas?

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  • jackaljackal Registered User regular
    Update: Luckily this just happened when I was looking at speedfan. The temp was 40C and it just shut off with no warning as if the power was cut. I guess at this point it pretty much has to be the power supply.

  • ArtereisArtereis Registered User regular
    I've experienced that exact scenario, and it was the PSU.

  • jackaljackal Registered User regular
    Thanks. That seems to have been the problem. I installed a new PSU and it hasn't shut off in the last 20 hours.

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