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Is PAX good for a family trip? I hear it's going to be pretty crowded and hot, so is it ok if my 13 year old brother is going? And, what is it that people generally do there? Gaming i guess?

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    A 13 year old is going to think they have died and gone to heaven. I would think twice about really young children, like 5-11, depending on who they are as individuals vis a vis maturity, but older than 12 you'll probably be fine (generalizations based on age are of course limited by the lack of specific knowledge).

    Gaming is quite the focus, with public systems for PC and console freeplay, a huge tabletop area, and lots of people hooking up with handhelds. However there is also an enormous expo floor with game developers and hardware manufacturers showing off their latest products, numerous panels with industry figures taking questions from gamers about current issues, and concerts featuring gamer music. Not to mention the unofficial afterparties, but 13 is bit young for that sort of drunken debauchery.

    Oh, and of course the Omegathon, where 20 randomly selected people fight through a cross platform, three day elimination tournament until only two remain to compete in a final round on a secret console classic from the dawn of gaming for a prize worth in excess of $10k.

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    A lot of this is covered in this thread

    Basically the only non family friendly thing going down at PAX is the massive amount of swearing. Other than that you don't have anything else to worry about.

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    Nothing more then they might experience as part of a MMO community.

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