[WoW] Mists of Pandaria AKA Kung Fu Panda Online

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Didn't see an actual thread specifically discussing this so I hope it's alright to go ahead and start one.

A lot of people seem to be losing their shit over MoP and for good reason.

We have an entire fucking universe full of Titans and the Burning Legion. We haven't even SEEN Sargeras or the Twisting Nether. How about the realm of the Naaru? How about the homeworlds of the Eredar or Dreadlord demons? Or how about even the island nation of Kul Tiras or fucking AZSHARA? You know, one of the most powerful entities left on Azeroth? How about Fordragon being the new Lich King fused with Ner'zhul? What about the fates of Turalyon and Alleria? What about the fucking EMERALD DREAM?!

Yes, I realize Eastern-themed Pandas date back at least to Warcraft III but to have an entire expansion revolve around what started as an April Fool's joke when there's still so much left to see?

I just don't understand why they're already scraping the bottom of the barrel, especially since they've said before that they'd never implement Pandaren until they officially ran out of ideas...

Also, Pandaren Females - should they be fat and bulky like the males or skinny and hot?

Some think Blizzard is finally going to go against tradition and give us a race with fat females that aren't Dorfs.

Yay or Nay?

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    Firstly I hate the thread title with the fire of a thousand suns. Secondly... all that shit you mentioned is prime LATE game-life material. Pandaria on Azeroth, hell I honestly think going to Outland was too soon. Regardless... do we need a thread specifically for the expansion?

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    I thought it'd be convenient, just to be able to talk about the game's lore/gameplay progression as well without having to search for those sort of discussions in the Blizzcon thread or other generals. Also, seems like people are saying the game is getting worse with each expansion.

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    The chat thread will suffice.

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