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  • NeoTomaNeoToma Registered User regular
    edited October 2011
    Didn't Lexxy suggest that
    I Suggest You Come To Terms With It.

    because we are all richer because of it

    NeoToma on
  • EmperorSethEmperorSeth Registered User regular
    Anyone else think the flash will be exactly 10 minutes and 25 seconds long? And there will be a countdown timer during its entirety as we see the final moments pre-scratch in real time?

    And, what the hell, important shit happens at the 6:12 and 4:13 marks?

  • ASimPersonASimPerson Cold... and hard.Registered User regular
    Duke 2.0 wrote:
    ASimPerson wrote:
    Okay, just pretend I posted that fanart of lil-Vriska reading lil-Kanaya a page from Mindfang's journal and then going "8OOM ALL THE BUCKETS WERE FILLED THAT DAY! ALL OF THEM" followed by a phone call between their lususes because I've been combing old threads for it and can't find it.



  • ASimPersonASimPerson Cold... and hard.Registered User regular
    Troll roll call: ?

    Well, son of a bitch.
    Your rise to omnipotence has had a regrettable influence on your vanity it seems. Have you forgotten the original grievance with frivolous attire that got you here?

    It used to be that when you were bored with paperwork, you would go distract yourself by sharpening one of your favorite knives, or give your most disapproving scowl through a fenestrated wall to survey the kingdom. But those were simpler times. There is only one cure for boredom befitting a demigod, and that is more senseless killing.

    You consult your proud long snout for assistance with the hunt. You pick up the maddening scent of one of the young graveyard stuffers. You are sure it is the same one you slaughtered earlier, and yet his stench remains, confounding you from every direction. It is as if THE BREEZE which carries it deliberately seeks to obfuscate the odor's origin. Your thoughts become more murderous with each blustery taunt.

    > Jack: Suppress thoughts of unfathomable Snausages.
    This is one of my favorite commands ever.


    You could not do it.

    You could not kill the girl.

    He says you mean the COURTYARD Droll? He wants to be sure this is the same droll you're talking about. You say yeah, what's the problem? He says, you mean the very same droll who couldn't manage the one simple task assigned to him, to steal the White Queen's ring from the very same adoring, wonderful girl and master and friend in question? Wait. He says he just means girl. Just girl. You didn't hear any of that.

    You don't say anything.

    He says fine. You win. Sic the stupid droll on her, what does he care.

    He says fine, if you really must examine a meaningless and extraordinarily dangerous exhibit of meteorological phenomena, then go ahead. But be ready to embark on the mission not a moment later. You say alright, and wonder what you should do to prepare. He asks if you have a good winter hat.

    You nearly drop the radio in excitement.

    You are momentarily afforded the peace of mind to resume a dull, quiet life of semi-restrained murder. Maybe you will wait here and see if the boy shows up. It's reasonable to assume he will seek these adults. Certainly easier to let him come to you than follow an untraceable scent. Or maybe you will take a look inside this castle. Perhaps there are survivors here fit for the offing? You GUESS that could serve some amusement.
    This is why you find all those dead soldiers in [ S] Seer: Descend.
    You wish you could consult the clouds for answers. But they never show you anything.
    I always feel like it's important to note that Skaia will only show certain people things in the clouds.

    Hours ago, you entered an unfamiliar session. You killed a thousand robotic assailants. You destroyed twelve planets with ease, methodically and cyclically, like a single stained hand of a defective clock smearing each number it passes. You reduced Prospit and Derse to dust, and murdered a whole bunch of alien kids in yellow and purple pajamas.

    You are now the Maid of Time, recently resurrected from the crypt of Derse. Your name is Aradia Megido, and for the first time in your life, you feel truly alive.

    What will you do?

    Aside from die, that is.

    This is our first look at the actual Green Sun.

    Soon, friends will arrive. They will need your help.
    I would guess that will be quite soon, from our perspective.

  • ASimPersonASimPerson Cold... and hard.Registered User regular
    NeoToma wrote:
    Didn't Lexxy suggest that
    I Suggest You Come To Terms With It.

    because we are all richer because of it

    I seem to recall this as well!

  • AvrahamAvraham Registered User regular
    Couscous wrote:
    We should over analyze this more. The green tennis balls look sort of like a green sun. The hydrants are the color of blood. The Beggin’ Strips represent his victims begging for relief. Snausages in a Blanket are similar to bodies in a funeral shroud. The mail represents those human souls he sends to the afterlife with the grim reaper playing the role of the postman. The bones represent delicious bones.

    tumblr_mw0i6gT4l61qgwizbo1_250.png :bz: :bz: :bzz:
  • ASimPersonASimPerson Cold... and hard.Registered User regular
    Whose memory is this?

    AA: they were gathered surreptitiously by agents assigned to the task
    AA: and in the veil their codes were merged with the ghost imprints of other mysterious artifacts
    AA: our first guardian was brought to life on the seed to pass through skaias final gate of defense
    AA: the first to find alternia

  • Duke 2.0Duke 2.0 Registered User regular
    I still love the dream sequence because of how above everything else it confuses people who don't know what's going on.

  • MizuumiMizuumi Registered User regular
    hey mspa thread i was going to do my art homework but i realized that the paper i had was too small then i was going to play vindictus but the servers blew up again




  • BaidolBaidol I will hold him off Escape while you canRegistered User regular
    We're watching Drunkstuck.

  • ASimPersonASimPerson Cold... and hard.Registered User regular
    [In fact, I think it would be for the best if I commandeered the narrative completely for a while. I trust you won't mind if I speak in white.]
    Depending on how you view the forums this may or may not be total pain in the ass!

    Actually, the text color thing is one of the things that sunk my Doc Scratch OP... too many folks (like myself) use alternate forum themes to really do the OP justice.

    Okay, I just checked this on Chrome. This will be a total pain with the default theme. Well... when we get to the [o] pages I'll use the default text color since I can't change the background color. Okay? Well, I may spoil some parts of the post. That should make it easier as well.

  • Speed RacerSpeed Racer Scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratchRegistered User regular
    it's readable on the default theme, if it's in quotes or a spoiler

  • ASimPersonASimPerson Cold... and hard.Registered User regular
    edited October 2011
    I'm getting close, you guys. I may actually even get to the end of Disc 1 tonight.

    Mostly spoiled again.

    If this is foreshadowing I will probably smash something.
    TT: What should I do next?
    Not me.
    The ball, dunkass.


    ASimPerson on
  • Speed RacerSpeed Racer Scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratchRegistered User regular
    It's still weird to me that he blatantly tells Rose to ask about the horrorterrors

    and then later on in his apartment he says that he told her not to do that

    unless the SBAHJ reference makes it count as a joke and therefore not a violation of his honesty

    not like it really matters either way

  • ASimPersonASimPerson Cold... and hard.Registered User regular
    TT: Why would I be upset?
    GG: um
    GG: because
    GG: uhhh i figured you would have found out by now but i guess you still dont know?
    TT: Know what?
    GG: about...
    GG: johns dad
    GG: and.......
    GG: your mom :(
    GG: rose?
    GG: hello???
    GG: oh noo :'(

    Of course, I guess this doesn't help the short-term obession with killing Jack.
    TT: For some reason, despite all the danger, I never thought she was in any trouble.
    TT: I never believed she would actually die.
    TT: I grew up with the feeling that something more significant had always been meant for her.
    TT: That she was a heroine displaced in some way, resigned to the inglorious duty of raising me, and preparing me in her way.
    TT: I didn't actually need the ectobiological verification that she was like a mother and a sister at the same time. I always understood that somehow.
    TT: And I felt she had knowledge and ability beyond what she let on. It was always intimidating, but nonetheless a source of respect which was childishly begrudging on my part.
    TT: I think she was just waiting for me to catch up with her.
    TT: But now I can't.
    This is a blue light special on Scratch speculation right here.

    TT: Whether my existing plan was sensible or not,
    TT: I may have been allowing myself to be manipulated by an omniscient being regardless.
    GG: what? who?
    Hello ladies.

    GG: please dont rose, i know you are angry but you arent thinking straight
    TT: But I am.
    TT: I'm fully aware I'll probably die and fail. Scratch happens, we start fresh. No recollection, no problem.

    GG: nooo :(
    Jade, as an ambassador of Skaia, maybe you'd be willing to talk some sense into your friend?
    You should understand she's been corrupted by various entities with some rather questionable motives.
    Says you!

    TT: They are enormous, ugly, and live in darkness.
    TT: That doesn't necessarily make them bad.

    GG: no...
    GG: but i still dont trust them!

    If only there were a way to make this determination with certainty.
    Through a reliable source within reach, for instance, at this exact moment. Perhaps one that is spherical, and devastatingly handsome.
    This goes back to what I talked about in the last post. Are Scratch and the Dark Ones on the same side, or the former granting the latter a temporary victory?

    GG: well
    GG: since we dont know much about the gods...
    GG: why dont you ask it about them?
    TT: So, you're saying I should ask it if the gods are evil?
    GG: i guess that is a way to put it

    Even though at this point neither of you is highlighting my text to read it, this idea gets my vote.
    Go ahead.
    Ask, Seer.


  • ASimPersonASimPerson Cold... and hard.Registered User regular
    It's still weird to me that he blatantly tells Rose to ask about the horrorterrors

    and then later on in his apartment he says that he told her not to do that

    unless the SBAHJ reference makes it count as a joke and therefore not a violation of his honesty

    not like it really matters either way

    As I said, I think there's definitely some shenanigans going on there.

  • NeoTomaNeoToma Registered User regular
    Asking a magic ball that always tells the truth if Eldritch beings beyond human comprehension are "evil"

    Was probably not your best move

  • ASimPersonASimPerson Cold... and hard.Registered User regular
    If there's pattern I've noticed at all, it's that we usually get some sort of self-insert interlude after most major plot events - especially in act 5. This is what you need to know from this one:
    There were actually some people at the time who complained about these soundless mini-flashes. Not only does this prove that people will complain about anything, it also shows those people forgot how many of these were in Acts 1 and 2.
    What are those doing there? And note Dave's has a crack going through it.
    Presumably, the countdown to end of the reckoning.


    But your love for Liv is not fatherly, oh no. This reunion is with no loving daughter, but a loving movie star fantasy crush, who happens to be in the form of a robot bunny which has traveled through time, and been given as a gift on five separate occasions, twice by you and thrice to you, and originally fished out of a sewer by Nicholas Cage on the silver screen.
    I really like the "your love for Live is not fatherly, oh no" line, but the rest of this is a good refresher if you've forgotten your bunny history.


    But whatever could we do with such a tiny hammer?
    I'm going to break this note down.
    John!!! One more thing...
    First off, the text color is the EXACT SAME as Jadesprite's. No two other characters with non-default text colors share the same color.
    This rabbit im sure youve noticed is armed to the stitches! Hes got all four of the funny little weapons i mentioned thatre all deadly as the fucking dickens but that doesnt mean they are meant exclusively for the paws of mr terry kiser. (That is the name i call him.) Heck no.
    "Terry Kiser (born August 1, 1939) is an American actor, best known for his portrayal of the dead title-character in the comedy Weekend at Bernie's, and its sequel, Weekend at Bernie's II." -- Wikipedia
    You see i adapted terry with some doodads you may deem practical. An infinitesimalator which i used to littlefy them down in the first place as well as a monstrositifier for when you would like to hugen them up and wield them yourself! Hes surely got enough juice in him to make them enormous if you wish. But thats silly what would you even do with say a magic needle the size of a skyscraper for instance? Preposterous!
    Well, gee, I don't know! I bet you could for sure scratch something up real good with a needle like that!
    I borrowed this technology from my grandmother who had quite the way with manipulating space. Legend tells she was something of a witch with the stuff! Once she was a brave hero like you and i john and the stars themselves twinkled in her cauldron. I would like to tell you who my grandmother is i really would. But i cant. I think i have trouble keeping secrets. I like to be honest just like you and a lot of secrecy after a while gets me feeling a bit jaded. Heh heh.
    More understatements, and more questions. First off: "Once she was a brave hero like you and i john." Who the hell is "I" here and when/in what reality was he a hero? Honestly, based on his usage of slang it's hard not to think the original speculation was right and this is actually Jade's grandpa. Or, if you want to put a scratch theory twist on it - the equivalent of Jade's Grandpa in the scratched session.
    Green means grow red means shrink! See you soon pal.
    Wait... what?
    And what does this "J" stand for?!?

    Jade's Penpal - probably one of the longest running mysteries in Homestuck. And, for now at least, remains that way.

    CD, you are so incompetent.
    There she is. Forged in fire by the smiths of Pipplemop, commissioned by the sage Lord of the Wozzinjay Fiefdom in the Realm of the Snargly Fruzmigbubbins.

    Note, for those of you who have been reading along: The Warhammer of Zillyhoo is not this hammer from earlier in our adventure. There couple a couple of reasons why:
    1) Hussie forgot, which I doubt, because otherwise he probably would not have shown how much grist it cost to make Zillyhoo.
    2) It actually is a different hammer, because the unknown one uses the Problem Sleuth book whereas Zillyhoo is from one of the non-canon bonus comics.
    3) Some other reason

    Also, I guess that thing with Gamzee and Karkat didn't really pan out?

    Um, it's good thing we didn't need the green monstrositifier for anything.

    The squat fellow mediates between the two bickering parties, and patches up Liv's missing eye.

    You give your wallet to your loyal chauffeur familiar. He looks puzzled. You inform the party that you will not be going on this journey. You must remain behind and continue looking for your father.

    But you insist their mission is the most critical of all! You know they can handle it. You believe in them.

    You instruct Captain Tyler to set a course for the ship's home. They must fly to Derse, and deliver the Tumor to the moon. Everyone salutes their intrepid friendleader. This is what teamwork is all about.

    You are quite sure you have not failed to account for even a single thing.

    GG: i cant say for sure because i cant see her with my goggles anymore for some reason, but i am fearing the worst
    GG: just in case, you should to try to intercept her before she does something stupid like try to fight him!!!!!
    GG: also, um...
    GG: i guess you probably still dont know about your dad yet do you?

    GG: oh god please dont tell me your computer was in the wallet you just gave that guy.....
    GG: dammit john!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GG: one of these days you will learn the value of having plenty of backup computers
    GG: in fact whenever you finally leave the battlefield i am going to give you the code for a nice pair of lunchmuffs
    GG: and then i am going to force you to keep them on your head AT ALL TIMES!
    GG: yeah, youre never going to read this are you :|
    John, I swear. Maybe I should've kept a tally of how many computing devices he has lost over the course of the story.

    Of course, if you remember the image from the beginning of Act 5: Act 2 John is wearing said lunchmuffs.


    Wait, there's one more chatlog before the flash:

    Up next: Let's Play: [ S] Seer: Descend.

  • ASimPersonASimPerson Cold... and hard.Registered User regular
    (huff) (puff) less than 500 pages to go now! Actually, 405 pages to go!

  • Cilla BlackCilla Black she, her Registered User regular
    god damn it I love John

  • ASimPersonASimPerson Cold... and hard.Registered User regular
    Oh goddammit I knew this wasn't the first time I'd typed this up: http://forums.penny-arcade.com/discussion/comment/18850624#Comment_18850624

  • Speed RacerSpeed Racer Scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratchRegistered User regular
  • ASimPersonASimPerson Cold... and hard.Registered User regular
    edited October 2011

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  • Romanian My EscutcheonRomanian My Escutcheon Two of Forks Registered User regular
    Everything I know about Homestuck, I learned from Drunkstuck.

  • GoatmonGoatmon Don't worry about me Someone has to take care of these flowersRegistered User regular
    edited October 2011
    ASimPerson wrote:


    John: What?


    John: What's that Rose? Timmy's stuck down the well?

    Rose: D8<

    Goatmon on
  • ASimPersonASimPerson Cold... and hard.Registered User regular
    edited October 2011
    Goatmon wrote:
    ASimPerson wrote:


    John: What?


    John: What's that Rose? Timmy's stuck down the well?

    Rose: D8<

    John: what's that, rose? are you getting aggravated that i am talking to you kind of like you are a dog?

    Edit: getting ready to post it soon.

    ASimPerson on
  • BeastehBeasteh THAT WOULD NOT KILL DRACULARegistered User regular
    kanaya and aradia are the best trolls

  • CrowbawtCrowbawt Member of the Midnight Crew Registered User regular
    I'm pretty dang excited for the new album, guys

  • ASimPersonASimPerson Cold... and hard.Registered User regular
    edited October 2011
    Drunkstuck presents

    [ S] Seer: Descend

    Open the spoiler to begin! Don't forget, you can play for yourself here!

    ASimPerson on
  • ASimPersonASimPerson Cold... and hard.Registered User regular
    Drunkstuck presents

    [ S] Seer: Descend
    Part 2

    Previous installments:
    Part 1

    Click the spoiler to begin!
    And that's it.

    Thanks for reading Let's Play: [ S] Seer: Descend. Sorry there wasn't that much commentary in this one so feel free to provide your own! Regularly scheduled Drunkstuck updates should resume shortly.

  • ASimPersonASimPerson Cold... and hard.Registered User regular
    So hopefully you've had a chance to read or play [ S] Seer: Descend again! Because otherwise the following flash page won't make a lot of sense.

    > [ S] ==>
    For lack of a better title, this is The One Where the Hero Gets Stabbed Through the Chest.
    The song is "At the Price of Obvlivion". It's amazing how versatile the Chorale has been, eh?
    Anyway, well, we'll revisit those two in a bit.

    For now, let's have an end-of-disc chat with Dave and Terezi. I originally had a lot more for this but I needed to cut it down because this supposed to be a recap. Also, I am tired. As in, I want to get some sleep and my arms are sore from doing this for probably about 12 hours now.

    Urgh, why did I waste my Saturday night?


    TG: pulling swords out of things isnt how i roll
    TG: im not john remember
    TG: im not a hero
    TG: my bro was
    TG: john is
    TG: im not
    GC: Y3S YOU 4R3!
    TG: no
    GC: Y3S, W3 4LL 4R3
    GC: 1 4M TH3 H3RO OF M1ND
    GC: YOU 4R3 TH3 H3RO OF T1M3
    GC: TH4T 1S WHO W3 W3R3 CR34T3D TO B3
    TG: fine its a title we inherit as phlegm babies or whatever but what have i done to earn it
    TG: pretty much nothing but horsing around through time and swindling retarded alligators out of their life savings
    TG: if that swords coming out of his chest its coming out clean
    TG: taking it vertically means drawing more blood
    TG: but horizontally means a clean break
    Wouldn't Dave's modus prevent him from just grabbing it anyway? Nonetheless, between this and his last conversation with Davesprite Dave's inferiority complex regarding heroism is starting to come to the fore.

    Anyway, I bet this is going to be totally sweet.

    Okay, maybe not.

    Now it's Terezi's turn. This conversation has a lot of parallels with Vriska and John's last chat.
    TG: oh shit are you fucking serious
    GC: Y3S! 4LSO, SHUSH
    TG: no i got that theyre like your alien death lawyers who were sorta like bounty hunters in olden times pretty simple to decipher through context
    There's something I like about "alien death lawyers" but I'm not sure what.

    TG: spidertroll


    Okay class, this is the important part.

  • ASimPersonASimPerson Cold... and hard.Registered User regular
    You have no idea what the hell this thing is, or why you would need another disc.

    You just captchalogue it and proceed. There is justice to be done, and you are running out of time.
    I have a feeling this is a bit of metacommentary on Act 5. The Doc Scratch thing we're about to do was done as a way to accelerate Act 5 and it still took 3 months.
    This looks like a playable flash, but isn't.
    You find a note on the floor, embedded there by Nepeta's claw and written in purple blood on a page from Vriska's ancestor's diary.
    The note sets off a trap door, putting you in the music room with a dancing Gamzee shadow.

    Something in this room smells funny.

    And fast.

    The identity of the puppetmaster behind all of this is now painfully obvious to you.

    Sigh. I think Andrew said in a Formspring later that part of Gamzee's array of powers was to trick people like this. Well, maybe.

    Obviously, the most constructive thing we could do right now is listen to some tunes.
    The available songs are: Trollcops, Havoc to be Wrought, Rumble at the Rink, Unlabeled Record, Xrom, and I'm a Member of the Midnight Crew.

    Hey waitaminute.


    > [ S] Terezi: Play tiny record.

    Predictably, you scratch the surface of the disc. What were you expecting? It's almost like you don't even know what a CD is.

    With the disc damaged, who knows what sort of effects it will have on the data. Better store it somewhere safe to prevent any more mishaps.


    What is this doing in here? You have not worn it since your Flarping days. The only part of it you kept on hand was the stylish pair of glasses, which of course since the incident has managed to become a regular accessory.

    You got your PYRALSPITE PLUSH!

    Pyralspite was your scalemate sidekick during your campaigns. He was the model of loyalty, friendship, and righteous retribution. More than could be said for another partner in justice.

    There is no doubt about it anymore. She is clearly baiting you into confrontation.

    You mean 88ing.


    Anyway, we finally read the note, and the ancestor entry. Again, I will try to preserve... relevant parts of the ancestor entries.
    I was sure they'd drawn from the 8ottom of their deck, not intending to squander more competent mercenaries on one who'd made a show of outclassing them all 8efore. 8ut I discovered too l8 that Redglare was their wild card all along.

    How is one allowed to 8e raised 8y a dragon in this era?
    Apparently dragons didn't just become rare on Alternia.
    Something 8locked the light of the un8itten moon, treating the har8or to darkness more grim than what fell this season's apogee. I made the mistake of looking into its eyes, each like a sun concentr8ted into a small jewel, as two hot garnets searing through a 8lack veil. I shut mine quickly, 8ut the more sensitive of them was 8urned irrepara8ly. When I regained sight in the other, there was only red.
    Whoops. A dragon can cause you to go blind? Huh, never heard that before!
    May8e she meant to prove she wouldn't need me in irons to have my su8mission?

    8ound or free.

    Two, one or none.
    This is, of course, similar to the choice Vriska is about to get.
    And so, we try out Disc 2.

    It gives us a link.

    This is, of course, a call back to this.

    More Ancestorstuck:

    > [ S] Flip.
    The disc, is, unfortunately, too badly damaged for us to continue. (Which is a real fucking shame, but alas.)
    You will n««d to seek t÷e §ervice of so‰ê‡ne who is capaðle of fixing a scrath_

    A s[G¤ratch dØctor, if y†[Gù will

    And so it begins. This looks like a good point for me to stop, for now.

    Hopefully I can cover the next... three months? tomorrow night.

  • ASimPersonASimPerson Cold... and hard.Registered User regular
    Whew. That's it for now. Allow me to repost the index and I will be done.
    Now available on DVD:
    Episodes: LET'S PLAY: [ S] Seer: Descend

  • LarlarLarlar Moderator, ClubPA mod
    Your poor liver.

  • BeastehBeasteh THAT WOULD NOT KILL DRACULARegistered User regular
    he did it

    he did all of the drunk stuck

  • LarlarLarlar Moderator, ClubPA mod
    Silly beasteh, there is yet more stuck to drunk.

  • Skull ManSkull Man Registered User regular
    you know

    the flash is gonna be awesome and everything

    I'm very excited about the flash

    but honestly I'm more excited about the return of day-to-day updates

  • SwissLionSwissLion We are beside ourselves! Registered User regular
    It'll be 10/25 here in about an hour and a half.

    I'll make sure to tell you guys all about how cool the EOA is!

  • TayaTaya Happy ___ Day Registered User regular
    I remember when I lived in Korea and in the future.

    It was nice when I was raptured before everyone else.

  • LarlarLarlar Moderator, ClubPA mod
    Skull Man wrote:
    you know

    the flash is gonna be awesome and everything

    I'm very excited about the flash

    but honestly I'm more excited about the return of day-to-day updates

    I am, too, especially since Freakangels ended. Now, apart from MSPA, the only other comic I really follow on an update-to-update basis is Dr. McNinja. MSPA fills in my week.

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