Would this be worth it to bring?

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Alright, so, while at the local used book store today, I found out they have a section for a number of older/used games. Most under 10 dollars, like the first dawn of war game, baldurs gate 2, blitzkrieg, thief 2, etc. Nothing I particularly wanted that I didn't have, except one thing grabbed my eye.

The only console game there. Perfect dark for N64. Six dollars.

Should I grab this and bring it? Either to play, or to give away, as I'm not sure where my N64 is.

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    Perfect Dark often goes under the radar, with the popularity of Goldeneye taking precedence. I found that PD64 corrected some of the issues I had with Goldeneye, and also picked my copy up for $6. It even includes three of the old multiplayer levels from Goldeneye too, so it's good enough to me.

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    I would say get the game if you have a means to play it. I am sure you would easily find others to kick back and play a few rounds.

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    If you're grabbing it and/or giving it, just make sure somebody has an expansion pack, eh?

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    i don't know anyone with a 64 that doesn't have an expansion pack in it.

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    I remember for the longest time I could go into Gamestop when they still sold N64 games during the Gamecube's lifetime, and they always still had copies of Perfect Dark, new, for like 10 bucks. They just had too many copies of it and couldnt sell it, despite it being my favorite game on the N64 and I gladly threw down 60 for it the day it came out.

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