[EAST] Fellow teens attending, here is stuff you want to know!

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I am turning 16 in 5 days, and this is my second year that I will be at PAX East if all goes according to plan. This time though I am a little more prepared then before. Here is a list of advice.

1. Bring a friend! Trust me, if your parent is not a gamer (like my father) they most likely will not be amused having to drag you around the whole day, and neither will you. You will meet new people at pax, but you should have a friend with you so your parents wont bug you about it.

2. Line Entertainment. If you are planning on doing ANYTHING at Pax East, most likely other people want to as well. Thats why lines exist, because Nintendo and Sony do not have 5000 Wii U's and PSVita's to toy around with, and therefore you have to wait your turn. These waits can be extremely long, and therefore you need something to keep you busy. If you have something, and it has a screen on it (or for that matter, words) bring it. I didn't, and I suffered. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE!!!

3. Do other things besides the Expo Hall! Walking around all day can really tire you out. This is why there are other things besides the expo hall. Try going to a Console Freeplay room, handheld freeplay room, chill at a panel, or go record everyone playing Dance Central because most likely all of them are funny. Relax, the Expo Hall is open for 8 Hours a day, you have time.

4. Stay for at least two days. While this is not a mistake I made last year, it is painful leaving PAX after only 6 hours of it.

Alright, that's it. Questions?

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