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Learning to art!

WIckedkarmaWIckedkarma AustinRegistered User regular
edited November 2011 in Artist's Corner
Wickedkarma learns to art!

Decided I have lurked this area enough. Seeing all of the awesome work in here.. It just pushed me over the edge, I decided I was going to teach my self how to paint! Then I tried painting and realized I needed to learn to draw first hehe.

So, here is my first painting ( yes its still being worked on ) Acrylics on canvas paper.
still changing a few things and I am also doing a few other things on the side.


All comments welcome =)
I am thinking about getting some watercolor pencils and messing around with them because they seem pretty neat, anyone have any experience using them or recommend a good set?

Also a link to my art blog thing.

WIckedkarma on


  • m3nacem3nace Registered User regular
    edited November 2011
    You say you need to learn to draw?: Draw from life.
    The picture you have in your post doesn't gives us any idea of your skill level, so we can point out what you need to work on and where your successes are. So something that isn't using local colors only, less stylized (or at least your own style) and basically just something that we can actually comment on ;)
    Starting from the bottom is essential in doing art, so trying to stylize first and then take it from there is nuts. You have to create a basis for building upon and that's what life drawing is about, if you for example look at some of Picasso's early works his father had him do very naturalistic paintings and from that basis he ended up developing his own distinct stylistic 4dimensional approach. First learn the basics of drawing, proportions, lighting, color theory etc. and then from there you can start to stylize. Mind you this forum is mainly for critique and we sure hope you embrace it =)
    Also, I checked out your artblarg and saw some of your drawings but the lines were very hard to spot, so when uploading your drawings either A: increase contrast in Photoshop or Gimp or something, or B: just draw with a regular pencil.

    As for watercolor pencils: I've never been a big fan of them, they can however give a lot of color. I'd recommend starting out with just plain watercolor (good ones don't have to be expensive and they're certainly cheaper than buying a set of good watercolor pencils) and get the feel of that first.

    Cheers, hoping to see more of your stuff soon (fellow bprd fan here, creds for the tattoo!)

    m3nace on
  • WIckedkarmaWIckedkarma AustinRegistered User regular
    I was planing on it, but then my secondary hard drive died mid post and I lost all my photos =(

    And yea I understand I need to start from the basics, which I will throw up some pics below of me drawing some of my toys ( Tachikoma and Buzzard from The Goon set), trying to get scale and outlines, and proportions down before I move on.
    Sorry for the image quality, I am a total noob when it comes to photography and playing with them in Gimp/Photoshop.



  • WIckedkarmaWIckedkarma AustinRegistered User regular
    sketch dump inc!
    I have been doing quick sketches every night for a few months now. Decided to share a few of them here, any tips and crits are welcome and much appreciated! =).


  • FlayFlay Registered User regular
    It looks like you're working hard, that's really good to see!

    Unfortunately there isn't much critique I can give at the moment, because the best thing you can do is to keep that up. Some of your proportion and placement is off, but that's a skill that'll improve with time and experience. Your lines are a little fuzzy, so maybe you should experiment with different pencil grades. Right now it looks like you're using maybe a 2B or an HB pencil, but try maybe an H or an H2 and see if those work for you.

    And remember that drawing from life is always preferable to a photograph, even if you're just drawing a mug or an apple. Photos do the heavy lifting of flattening a 3D object in to 2D for you, where drawing from life puts that onus on you.

  • WIckedkarmaWIckedkarma AustinRegistered User regular
    Thanks for the tips :) swung by my local art supply store (Jerry's artorama) picked up a clutch pencil and I am realllyy digging it. Snagged a 4h lead set and a 2b they were out of the others :( the 4h is super light can you suggest a darker one?
    I also found out they do a $5.00 live drawing night and also have free drawing classes which I fully plan on taking advantage of. :)

    Started drawing my hand this was a quick piece about 7 mins tops done with the 2b lead. I am really happy with how it turned out.

  • GrifterGrifter BermudaModerator mod
    I looks like you're having issues with drawing what you're actually seeing vs what you think you see. The faces appear skewed and a bit misshapen. I'd suggest checking out this book and doing the exercises in it.


  • WIckedkarmaWIckedkarma AustinRegistered User regular
    Thanks Grifter. I just recent got a slightly older version of that. Haven't had much of a chance to go over it yet though as work has been super crazy.

  • lyriumlyrium Registered User regular
    Keep it up with the pencil and paper sketching, and drawing your other hand! If your 4H feels too light, then play more with the B range. H=hard, which means it won't leave as much graphite on the paper and so the marks are a lot lighter.

  • WIckedkarmaWIckedkarma AustinRegistered User regular
    I picked up some Gnomon drawing DVDs last week, only skilled through one and hopefully I will pick up some really good lessons from them, I also hit up my first ever life drawing class here are the results.
    1 minute warmups
    2 minute pose
    5 minute pose in which I butchered her face among other things ( sorry awesome model!)
    5 minute pose
    10 minute pose
    45 min pose

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