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    The size/word balloon issues are because it's drawn at 4 inches by 4 inches. Not much I can do about it just because of the format.

    i draw things at whatever size I'm doodling in. This is drawn in a dumpy sketchbook with crappy paper that someone gave me. So that's why its small.


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    I've been working on 3 panel strips for the last few months and posting them on my site www.allstarkrew.com if you want to check things out further.

    Here's a few and I'll update from time to time here:


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    Your latest comic bundle is easily the most readable thing you've posted in this entire thread, probably because you've spaced out the panels! Maybe its the new sketchbook (?)

    and of all the little comics, the first one makes the most sense. I didnt have to read that one over and over again to figure out that she must be your girlfriend (I think) or what you're working in fast food (I think)
    Personally I love crazy comics when all kinds of insane things are happening, but there needs to be some sort of grounding. There needs to be just enough sense being made that the craziness funny and interesting. I think Fletcher's comic Antics is a great example of what I'm talking about. I'm not saying you should make comics like that, I'm saying taking that idea and molding it to your style will really enhance your comics

    Your style is awesome (I'm especially fond of the gauges!), it really reminds me of Mitch Clem's comic Nothing Nice 2 Say. He's doing a lot of similar stuff, especially with the heavy use of dark lines. Maybe its not as extreme as your comic buuuut...
    Maybe you see what I'm saying?

    just out of curiosity, why are their eyes closed so much? Is that supposed to be a cutesy lovey thing?
    (also, in the last panel, are you a straight edger... drinking? lol)

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    I think your comics are cool, but I think its sorta unfortunate you're so unresponsive to feedback. Your panels are getting less cluttered, which is great.

    For me, some of your comics sort of have this "You need to already be in on the joke to get it" feel to them. The three panel strips break this with the narration boxes, but the girlfriend/cuddlefriend sort of leaves me asking tons of questions. I also feel like the three panel format is maybe setting up the expectation for something punchy, and these have alot of high energy and charm. I think they could stand to breathe more if you can do that without getting convoluted.

    I dont know if you are actually interested in the feedback at all though, at this point.

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    I haven't posted here in a good long while. I've been focusing on posting things on my site, not to mention I've been trying to figure out my dance routine to save the rec center from demolition.

    Here's some of my more recent work.

    and the first two pages from a new project that I'm working on.


    I'll probably end up replacing the font in the last panel with hand lettering, I was just trying to see if a font would work and so far I haven't found a decent one.

    Please drop by the site if you've got the time.

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    I haven't posted here in a good long while. I've been focusing on posting things on my site, not to mention I've been trying to figure out my dance routine to save the rec center from demolition.

    glad to see you back... and nice work on the colored stuff... the second panel of the drinking of the nyquil feels really flat, and the third the petes dragon arrow is really not necessary

    the art in the 2nd one is spot on, but i feel you might be mixing too many fonts (from your typical text, to the hahas to the hey shit head might be a little too much variation, that and the way the has are depicted gives a joker vibe which could be good or bad depending on context)

    nice cliffhanger, i love the introduction of new characters, i cant wait to find out who he is :D

    and damn the rec center is probably doomed man, you probably shouldnt even bother hitting on the hot but strangely approachable girl running the center
    she already has a bit of a douchebag boyfriend, who is an EXPERT downhill skier

    lasty i did try visiting your page, you might just want to add it as a link in your sig to avoid the no site whoring mod thing... it would be nice if there was a standard format of being able to browse through the WTD comics instead of hunting through the page and looking for links.

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    Thanks. Yeah I drew the Ha! over and over again until I found something that sort of worked then just repeated the same lettering over and over again in the panel. I think the colors of it might be whats throwing it off because I'm not really that great at coloring. It's prolly the 8 or 9th thing I've colored.

    I wrote in the Pete's Dragon because I had a bunch of people ask me what it was. It's sad that this new crop of kids will never get to experience the amazingly awful VHS movies that we had to watch as kids. I had to explain who the Wu-Tang were to a 21 year old the other day. I'm getting old.

    Yeah, I'm slowly making the pages for the WTD strips and things. I recently removed the bulk of my comic work. So maybe I should work on that ASAP.


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