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PS3 won't read disks.

SpeedySwafSpeedySwaf Registered User
edited November 2011 in Help / Advice Forum
For a few weeks now my PS3 has been doing this thing where, after turning it on, it'll make an "eject" sound without actually ejecting the disk, then after a little while play the game.

Well, today it did the same thing, only now it will not read the disk at all. This issue had happened on only one or two games at the time, but now it straight up refuses to read the disk. I've had the system over a year, so more than likely it's out of warranty. Is their any fix for this, or am I looking at needing another PS3?

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  • badpoetbadpoet Registered User regular
    Question, will it read regular DVDs? Mine had a similar problem, but while it wouldn't read Blu Rays and games, it would read regular DVDs. Turns out my laser was bad. I got it fixed for @$120 with shipping. Might be worthwhile if it is that new. There are plenty of places that fix them, probably one near you. I used one in Minnesota called Gopher Mods and they did quick work and (at the time) the price was right.

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