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So, the idea has occured to me that Ninja work best at night, and that by limiting them to operating in the hours of PAX (liberal though those hours may be), I would be denying a legendary breed of killer the freedom to slay without mercy, shrouded by the darkness. :twisted:

Thus, I offer this poll: Should the game be constant and unrelenting? Should you sleep with "one eye up" as some say? Should the game go 24 hours?

If it does, the following new rule would be added to the Handbook:

Even the greatest warriors must sometimes rest, and though the ancient ninja had no problem with killing a sleeping target (indeed, this was most often the preferred way of doing so), the modern Watch Ninja is bound by a slightly different code of honor.

Thus, ninja may remove their watch to sleep, and only to sleep, in a bed, bag, cardboard box, etc. of their choice. While the watch is removed, the player is immune to the attentions of his hunter, and may dream of true love and sharp blades. Informal, unplanned sleeping (e.g. passed out in a pool of their own vomit in the hallway outside SmallLady's room) does not protect a player, and should his or her watch be taken while s/he is so incapacitated, the kill will be judged fair if the question is raised.

So, what say ye? This poll will run for five days.

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    a ninja knows no sleep. i think that all times are game. should a ninja be foolish enough to not remove his watch before sleeping, it is his own fault. foolishness receives no rewards.

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    this is a great idea

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    Sleep? What the hell is that?

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    CorpseRT wrote:
    Sleep? What the hell is that?

    Hell if I know. Sometimes my roommate says he needs some, then he goes to his room and becomes comatose for several hours. He is obviously weak, and most certainly not a ninja.

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