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Semi complitacted/odd setup(HTPC/Dual TV setup combo)

SammichSammich Registered User regular
Ok guys, heres the deal. Ive been trying to figure out the easiest way to do this, but i cannot figure out if its possible at all. Heres the setup:

My HTPC(important part)
ATI XFX 6870(HDMI out, DVI, and mini display port)

Outputting to:
40" Samsung LCD TV(Bedroom)
55" Samsung LCD TV(Living Room)

Those 2 are my primary monitors for gaming etc, everything i do. Currently, with my setup, i only have one TV hooked up at a time. I want to hook them both up for instances like, when my GF wants to watch TV in the bedroom, netflix, access movies from XBMC via my NAS, and i want to play Swtor or surf or whatever in the living room. OR vice versa.

Can i for instance have 2 separate entities(desktop spaces) for each TV, individual of each other? Have thier own icons etc. Can i have separate audio streams going to each TV that wont conflict with each other. I assume i would need 2 cards for this, unless there is a software solution(Get a cheap secondary card). I want to be able to switch places with each other if need be. Say im in the living room and want to jump to the bedroom. Is there a possibility of swapping outputs like that or do i need a switch. And this should swap the audio channels as well.

Eventually when i get a house i want to be able to access whatever i want from whatever TV whenever i want depending on the room i am in. Is there anything hardware or software related that even comes close to doing this?

Found this so far:

Sammich on


  • FortyOzSpartanFortyOzSpartan Registered User
    Your best bet is to buy the cheapest Xbox you can find and use it as an extender, although I doubt that will do the magic you want it to.

  • useless4useless4 Registered User regular
    Ok, let's take out the computer for a second. <-more on that later why we are leaving it out.

    If you want to pick up and move displays between tvs you need a Matrix switch. The best value one is this one :

    This will allow you to mix four inputs to any one of four outputs. I have this exact one setup so that I can be gaming in one room and move when my wife wants that tv. These things are "amazing" that you didn't know you need.

    Mine is setup on the input side : cable, boxee box, ps3, ps3 and on the output side: my office tv, living room tv, aux tv 1 and aux tv 2. This makes multiplaying video games fun by the way. We can easily drop in four counsels and have gaming parties etc. without having to remove anything or physically move tvs.

    For your next part:
    You want one computer to both game and watch movies from at the same time? nope, trust me this isn't going to be pretty even trying. I would get a matrix switch and something like a Boxee Box as your "entertainment device" and call it a day. That additional 350ish dollars (you can get a cheaper 2x2 matrix switch then the one I linked) will be well worth it to save the hours of fussing and dead ends you will get trying to use one computer to serve in the scenario that you are describing.

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