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MSPA: this thread was starting to get a little punchy anyway

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Hey guys, I just started reading this webcomic called Homestuck! It's pretty neat.

It's about this kid named John Egbert!

And his hilarious cake-related hijinks!

Oh, and then there's his cool online friends!
TT: John.
EB: what?
TT: You're wearing one of your disguises now, aren't you?
TT: You are typing to me right now while wearing something ridiculous.

EB: no, why would you even think that??
EB: that's so stupid.
TT: Ok.
TT: Why don't you go get the game from your father?

EB: alright, wish me luck.
EB: oh, btw...
EB: jk I was wearing a funny disguise this whole time.
EB: gotcha! hehehehe
TT: I know, John.
That's tentacleTherapist! She's snarky, but also really funny!
GG: great!!! so what are you up to today?
EB: i am up to my neck in this sburb stuff.
EB: TT is making a royal mess of my house.

GG: lol!
GG: whats sburb??
LOL indeed! That's gardenGnostic! She hasn't really said that much yet, unlike John's other friend.
TG: maybe you can play with TT shes been pestering me all day about it
TG: shes mackin on me so hard all the time i start to feel embarrassed for her
TG: i mean not that i can blame her or anything
That's turntechGodhead! He seems sooo coool!

And there are these cool interactive flash pages!

I think it's safe to say, guys, Homestuck has a little bit of everything! There's also all this stuff about "data sutures" or something? I dunno that stuff is for dorks! Anyway I haven't gotten very far yet! There's this Sburb thing too, but I can't really imagine it'll be all that relevant.

Anyway, if you want to start reading yourself start here:

I'll update the thread title to reflect my progress!

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