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Checkpoint Season 1: Episode 32: Game For Fashion

TubeTube Administrator, ClubPA admin
edited December 2011 in The Penny Arcade Hub
Hobnail wrote: »
This forum has taken everything from me
This hurts but I deserve it

Tube on


  • FalxFalx Registered User regular
    I hate to admit it.

    But my hand twitched.

  • agilemaniaagilemania Registered User regular
    Fancy new effects in the end credits.

    The Boom! girl is dead. Long live the Boomsman!

  • Andy JoeAndy Joe The AdirondacksRegistered User regular
    Love that Paul was wearing his normal glasses under the shutter shades.

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  • ProprietyPropriety Registered User regular
    Holy shit, Pualo Saundres and Estella De Vrees are my new favorite thing.

    That was a fantastic episode.

    That guy with the ridiculously long scarf at PAX. Say Hi!
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  • FramlingFramling Registered User regular
    During the Slimey, Meaty Buns part, "Grosser Then It Sounds" should be "Grosser Than It Sounds." But I imagine it's too late to fix by now.

    you're = you are
    your = belonging to you

    their = belonging to them
    there = not here
    they're = they are
  • Formica ArchonisFormica Archonis Registered User regular
    Sadly the typos were a bit distracting.:(

    Man, in those drawings Leels sure captured the... thin... nature of models. (Neeeeeeck.)

  • AshokaAshoka A Hub subforum that works? Registered User
    Ha! Best ending of an episode so far .

  • Lord_SnotLord_Snot Живу за выходные American ValhallaRegistered User regular
    Oh jeez. That pic of the inside of those slime burgers made me dry heave a little.

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