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So I'm an actor (I've said this before).

I'm also an actor with Photoshop, and I want my headshot (my image based resume) to be completely white except for my image. As it stands it has a white frame with an off white background behind me, which I don't want. I basically want my frame and my background behind me to match and be completely white.

Here is the image to better explain it:


If I need to explain more lemme know. What's the easiest way to do this?

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    There are two easy ways to do it, when you have a nice almost-solid background like that.

    1. Image > Adjustments > Replace Color. Use the eyedropper to pick out the colour you want to replace, adjust the Fuzziness slider to make sure all of that colour is selected, then set the Lightness to 100 for a white replacement. Something like this:

    (Linked for >800pxness)

    2. Use the Magic Wand tool to select the area of solid colour you want to replace, modifying the Tolerance as necessary to get the right amount. Once you have it selected, you can fill it in with whatever other colour you want, or - recommended - use Ctrl-I to Select Inverse, then copy and paste everything *but* the colour you want to replace onto a separate layer. (One can never have too many layers).

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