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My Dog Got Put Down Today.



  • Centipede DamascusCentipede Damascus Ho! Ho! Ho! Drink Coke!Registered User regular
    man, Zonugal, I'm sorry. pets are so hard on your emotions.

  • SkeithSkeith Registered User regular
    Zonugal wrote:
    So we took out dog in today. Two months away from her 18th birthday. After letting her outside to use the restroom we found her laying on the snow, unable to move her legs.

    All the hugs, man. I'm not in the same boat but I'm standing on the dock, so to speak.

    mts wrote: »
    heres how i see it being a total win situation for you
    1. stay with your wife while she dog sits. this wins husband points since she knows its out of your comfort zone
    2. have sex all over her friends house so that the next time you see her friend look at you condescendingly, you can wink back knowing you did the freaky deaky where she eats her cheerios.
  • Croc_ClockCroc_Clock Registered User regular
    man, this just terrifies me

    i have 2 cats right now, first pets i ever owned. got them with my girlfriend after dating for like 2 years

    my first thoughts were, holy fuck, cats live so long, if im with them their entire lives, that means me and my girlfriend are gonna be like 40 when they die, holy shit thats so unimaginably far away

    but now, im just thinking holy fuck, these cats are like my kids. like, totally a part of my family, my life. they cant ever die. i have to go first. thats the rule!

    shit, i cant imagine how you feel right now. the idea just terrifies me

  • fightinfilipinofightinfilipino Angry as Hell CharlottesvilleRegistered User regular
    hugs Zonugal.

    when my family's pup became too ill and had to be put to sleep, i wasn't even in the same state. had to break the news to my sis, who was also away from home.

    i cried a lot that day. swore to myself to never get a pet unless i would be there for it.

    steam | Dokkan: 868846562
  • Calamity JaneCalamity Jane That Wrong Love Registered User regular
    oh jeeze, RIP dog

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  • PixelMonkeyPixelMonkey Registered User regular
    edited January 2012
    Yeah when the dog I had from childhood died when I was 19 I stayed with in the backyard and kept her company until she passed on, ended up bawling like a little kid. I know it might seem stupid to some but she was my little buddy.

    PixelMonkey on
  • BarcardiBarcardi All the Wizards Registered User regular
    edited January 2012
    Zongual, I am so sorry. I deeply sympathize as I too had to put my dog down just this past friday. She was 14 1/2 which is apparently old for a golden retriever. Ive spent pretty much all the past 4 days crying and trying deeply to stop looking at places that she would always sit, or to reach down to pet her knowing that she is not there.

    Dont know much else to say other than hugs.

    Barcardi on
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