I MADE A GUILD!... uh oh.

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So I made a guild on SWTOR us server Belgoth's Beacon Empire named Vengeance. I've just asked a bunch of randoms to join and made some friends leveling. I for some reason felt compelled to buy a website and a 50 person mumble server. To be fair the 50 person mumble server came with the website. I think I'm a little optimistic for what we are. We are 40+ full of European time/3rd shifters/swing shifters/shift shifters. Has anyone gone crazy and done this sort of thing only to have it crash in flames and leave your vent server untouched? My only saving grace is I have one coworker who has played almost as much as me. I got the game a week 1/2 ago and am level 50 plus we have 3 more 50's and 3 more on the way. This isn't going to end well is it? OH god what have I done? I'd link the website but I just quickly set it up during my lunch.

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    This could be the beginning of something amazing.

    Or it could also be the beginning of a crash-and-burn so monumental you'll be telling your friends about it for years.

    Either way, have fun ;)

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    we are at 42 people now. Wow crazy.

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