Hourly Comic Day

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Is anyone else trying Hourly Comic Day? Care to share? I am running a bit slow, like a comic every 1.5 hours, which may defeat the purpose, but I am not very fast at drawing. This is what I have so far:

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  • thornbirdthornbird Registered User
    Another one:

  • thornbirdthornbird Registered User
    Anybody else doing this?

  • thornbirdthornbird Registered User

  • Arden CaneloArden Canelo Registered User regular
    I see that pumping these out is a nice challenge and I dig the black, blue, and white thing you have going. I'm not really laughing at any of the jokes though.

  • FenominusFenominus Registered User new member
    I really enjoy the use of blue/black/white as well. Your characters communicate emotion and attitude very well having been done so quickly. I think I might try this. Thank you for sharing.

    P.S. answer to the Santa thing: They can scare the kids into good behavior via a mysterious all-seeing entity who's judgement irrefutable.

  • thornbirdthornbird Registered User
    Those are both good points. I had not thought about using Santa to strike fear into children, but now that you mention it, his name IS an anagram for SATAN.
    Yeah, I think the writing is what suffers most trying to pump these things out so fast, I usually spend more time thinking about it. But I figure the point is to just put something out and over time you will get better at it.

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