First sketch in many fortnights

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I haven't drawn for a long time but I used to be pretty OK alright at it, and I decided to pick it up again tonight. What do you guys think of this?


I sketched it from this picture of Scarface because I liked to profile but I'm pretty rusty and I don't think I picked up any resemblance :P

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    It's not terrible. I always find it difficult to critique someone based on one half finished sketch, but you would get more depth out of it if you focused a little more on your value range. You've used some darker values around the eye's but it looks like you seemed unsure where to place them. The other values all seem pretty uniform across the board, which makes for a fairly lifeless flat image.

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  • m3nacem3nace Registered User regular
    Put your pencil on the side to get more consistent dark areas. Those vertical lines take too much focus. Also, more confidence in your lines. Nudgy lines are to be avoided, draw with your whole hand if necessary to get some longer more confident lines with more sway.

  • ZombieLeeZombieLee Registered User regular
    Ah touche, I'll be hitting up the art store later on for some better supplies. I drew this with a mechanical pencil and yeah its definitely pretty flat. I'll update this post sometime soon with a better quality drawing.

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