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Trying to remember name of a game...?

cooldawg74cooldawg74 Registered User
edited February 2012 in Games and Technology
Get ready for obscure, but do your best to please help me.

When I was young (Probably about 12-15 years ago or so) I used to go to a video and game rental store. There they had a (I Believe) was either a sega genesis or snes game I liked well.

It was kinda like tailspin style gameplay ( Entertainment System/Snaps/Tale Spin (E).png) from what I recall.

You were either an airplane or submarine (Or some sort of vehicle that could go all four directions) and you could attack in all four directions, up down right and left with cartoony like attacks. One I remember was a punching glove that came from your vehicle. And I'm wanting to say you could either level up, or somehow it was rpg based.

To my knowledge thats about all I can remember, any help?

cooldawg74 on


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