can't install win7

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1)OK, I boot to my dvd of win7 home premium 64 bit, it loads and tells me that I don't have an available drive to install.
2) i read up and apparently there's some problem and using a usb will help
3) create usb install
4)boots to usb, but same "no drive" message
5)I think, "maybe my mSATA IRST drive is messing things up
6)I disable, and then remove mSATA
7) reboot, f12 to get to boot menu, boot to hdd-USB... boots to main HDD with win7 (i already have win7 installed, need to reinstall clean)
8) ???? change usb ports? same thing?


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  • bobsbarricadesbobsbarricades Registered User regular
    unbeleivable. the front panel audio/usb connector wasn't plugged in (and why that would effect the usb plugged into the back panel) and upon doing so and righting my computer onto it's worked. w.t.f.?

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