Windows 7 pro deals needed [solved]

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I am currently trying to find a way to make the plunge into switching over to 7 from my trusty xp boot but am on a pretty tight budget so was hoping some of you savvy deal hunting gentlemen I know to grace these boards might be able to point me in the direction of some good deals. Unless it's REALLY cheap I don't want a OEM version. Really don't like the idea of a hardware lock especially with how many mobos XP lasted me through and don't wanna hassle with hoping MS will re-activate my install if I change my mobo (specially when my current mobo already has it's nic fried). Soo, anyone know of any legal great deals lurking on the webs?

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    if your a student or teacher you can get an educational discount bringing to price to around $35 for win 7 pro. or if you have access to msdnaa through school/work you get it for free.
    otherwise the cheapest prices I'm seeing are around $80 for oem or $120 for standard.

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    Unfortunately no longer a student and not a teacher.
    *sigh* that's what I was afraid of. And I think those prices are for the upgrade version. Clean install is also important to me:) I'd probably do a full retail for $120 pretty quick. Man I wish linux had better gaming support. Oh well, I'll keep my eye out (maybe prices will drop when win 8 releases) and troll ebay.

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    Looks like you're best off with OEM. For what it's worth, I've never had an issue with reactivations, and I've switched out quiiiiite a few motherboards. Even moved it to a new computer.

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    You may not find all that you're after. In the end I hope it doesn't matter.
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    or be patient and wait (more likely) :) It may be silly but the hardware lock really does bother me and must have dx 11 game isn't out for awhile and don't have the cash for the memory upgrade (address limit other reason finally looking to change over) that would make the OS change make sense.

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    Looks like the $30 deal isn't running right now, usually coincides with the "back to school" season, but here is the site, current price is $65; all you need is a .edu email address. Also, since you're on XP, the upgrade will actually do a clean install.

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    You could always sign up and try the Windows 8 consumer preview. It's free and runs a win7 desktop.

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    Sorry all. Should have updated. Managed to find a good deal on 7 retail so I'm good:) Thanks to all for the suggestions though:)

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