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CS SOURCE : Making a Team

TrainwreckXTrainwreckX Registered User regular
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Sup yall, im interested in winning the CSS tourney this year being 2nd runner up last year because of a few bad teammates, and a lot of unpreparedness. So this year im thinking ahead so I dont end up with any last minute ringers that ruin it for everyone. I already have myself and a good friend of mine who I tried out against, both of us are quite good and we are interested in trying out 3 more people that are interested in winning. We need to know that you 100% surely are going to be at PAX and that you have the time to make team practices on the pre determined dates leading up to the actual tournemant. The practices will start as soon as our team is full which is going to most likely be next weekend if we find out players quick enough, the practices will last atleast an hour each time and are mostly to get the players used to working together and seeing how we work out as a team, and a few weeks prior to the tourney practices will consist of plans and actual strategies for all the potential maps.

Those who are interested contact me for a tryout, PM, Felixbfk (AIM), [email protected] (E-Mail), [email protected] (MSN). Im using my brothers account since the forum registration is not working so if you can contact me another way besides PM that would be helpful but feel free to if you have no other medium. Thanks, hope to meet some of you soon.

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  • Stabbity StyleStabbity Style Warning: Mothership Reporting Kennewick, WARegistered User regular
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    we have a 3 man team set up right now, im up for playing with you guys. I'll talk it over with the other 2.

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