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Hey guys, I've been tasked with picking a laptop whose main requirement is running starcraft 2 well at max settings.
Think this is powerful enough for that task?

specs in a nutshell:
i7 2670QM

thanks in advance for any advice.

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  • bowenbowen How you doin'? Registered User regular
    You'll get poor performance on a laptop video card unless you're shelling out for a $2000 laptop. Looks like benchmarks on that one put it in somewhere around 26 FPS in Starcraft 2 on ultra, 40 FPS at high, and 60+ at med/low.

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  • lowlylowlycooklowlylowlycook Registered User regular
    Here is a chart that should point you in the right direction, but doesn't list 768 with max setings. The GPU on that laptop should do 42 fps on high instead of max settings.

    To me it looks like you would be fine with a 560M or better as long as you stuck to 720p instead of a high rez screen.

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  • acidlacedpenguinacidlacedpenguin Registered User regular
    Thanks guys, from what I can tell, it looks like that i7 and GT555M combo is in this weird spot where it's the best you can get from at least Dell, Asus, Acer, and Lenovo until to hit the next class of notebooks which are at least $500 higher than the lenovo I linked. I doubt he'll be willing to make that kind of price jump, but hopefully playing on high will suffice.

    I imagine maybe if he used the ultra setting but no AA or anisotropic filtering it might perform well enough?

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  • bowenbowen How you doin'? Registered User regular
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    Yeah I mean it's an RTS, I remember I wowed at graphics for like 3 days with WC3 then cranked them down so I could micro better without delays in my FPS getting in the way.

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    not a doctor, not a lawyer, examples I use may not be fully researched so don't take out of context plz, don't @ me
  • acidlacedpenguinacidlacedpenguin Registered User regular
    I think mostly what he wants is for all the animations to play, I know on the machine he has now he's got to run it on low and things like portrait animations and destruction animations don't actually play. Alright, thanks for the info guys I'll get back to him with this conclusion and see what he thinks.

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  • RyaelRyael Registered User new member
    A budget would be good just to put a more accurate machine together. Also, I'd generally suggest moving away from the larger companies for a gaming machine. I have experience with XoticPC and everything I've seen from there has been well priced and held up to travel pretty well. They sell Asus, Clevo/Sager, MSI and a couple other brands from what I remember. I just purchased a Malibal (based on Clevo p170hm) laptop the other day so I can't say anything yet from a reviewer standpoint but everything I read sounds good.

    I'd strongly suggest purchasing a Clevo based machine. They rarely have problems in my experience and typically are cheaper than what you'll find from a large company. Not to mention wider availability of internal hardware.

  • acidlacedpenguinacidlacedpenguin Registered User regular
    I imagine around $900 is his budget, that's specifically the machine he's asked about. I know that he's had issues with Asus, Acer, and Dell, so he's probably less interested inbuying from any of them.

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