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Faded_SneakersFaded_Sneakers Registered User regular
edited January 2012 in Artist's Corner
Hello PA:AC.

Back once more looking for some crits. Anything that pops out at you I would love to hear about.

A premature thank you.







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  • Faded_SneakersFaded_Sneakers Registered User regular
    Couple more.

    The second I think I once posted before but it was a badly shot image from a camera and not a scan.



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  • MustangMustang Registered User regular
    There's nothing glaringly terrible right now. Construction is really sloppy in the second to last one, but your penmanship is incredibly tidy, which I always respect because I'm so horrible at doing things neatly. However that being said, I think your anal retentiveness towards neatness may be holding you back. I think Michael Matessi's book Force would do wonders for your learning. The text is a little pompous, but the lessons within are extremely important. It will teach you how to apply weight to your figures, either from gravity or from motion = aka force. Right now everything you have drawn here feels impossibly rigid, getting a handle on flowing lines will come with practice and confidence, so perhaps focus less on finished work and just sketch until something falls off.

  • Faded_SneakersFaded_Sneakers Registered User regular
    Hey Mustang, thanks for the feedback. I checked out the website for Matessi and am looking into picking up that book.

    I see what you mean about feeling rigid. Here are a couple attempts to loosen up a little that I did last night.



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  • MaydayMayday Cutting edge goblin tech Registered User regular
    That is an immediate improvement imho. Especially the second piece.

  • NakedZerglingNakedZergling A more apocalyptic post apocalypse Portland OregonRegistered User regular
    digging it...keep posting!

  • Faded_SneakersFaded_Sneakers Registered User regular
    Picked up one of the Force books. The Animal Drawing one. Looking at it tonight. Also grabbed a Hogarth book I hadnt seen before on drawing heads and faces. Good times.

    Thanks again for the recomendation on Mattesi Mustang I like what Im seeing so far.



    Instagram: fadedsneakers
  • Faded_SneakersFaded_Sneakers Registered User regular
    A couple minor changes and something new.




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  • Faded_SneakersFaded_Sneakers Registered User regular
    Good morning people.




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  • Faded_SneakersFaded_Sneakers Registered User regular
    The perspective would have worked much better if I had not totally fliped it on the tombstone. Sigh.



    I call her ... Michelinda ... Yes I am retarded.


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  • Faded_SneakersFaded_Sneakers Registered User regular
    Something for today.

    Colors have always scared me so this is me trying to build some understanding.


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  • Faded_SneakersFaded_Sneakers Registered User regular
    Couple quickies.



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  • farbekriegfarbekrieg Registered User regular
    edited February 2012
    just commenting that i stop in this thread a lot to totally eye bang your creations when you arent here

    despite any nightmare fuel that pops up (the michelin woman/frankengun? for example)

    im getting a bit of a charles addams vibe from a lot of stuff here (and thats a good thing)


    ^^ is my favorite so far, so keep up the good work

    edit: if you are looking for feedback from some of the fantastic artists that shamble around here, you might want to submit something less stylized

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  • DarkMechaDarkMecha The Outer SpaceRegistered User regular
    edited February 2012
    Hey man, great stuff! You have a nice style and show some good variety in your work. I feel like your strongest piece is that NoTouch one you posted earlier. What you've got going on there just feels right. Even though the proportions of the characters are clearly exaggerated they work out well IMO. I think something to work on more would be perspective, which feels off in some of these. It's difficult and I'm not the best at it myself, but IMO it's one of those things that is definitely worth the time investment to get right.

    Keep at it, I'd like to see more!

    DarkMecha on
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  • SaintElmosWireSaintElmosWire Registered User
    The holy trinity piece is cool but the stark red draws my eyes away from the lighter sketchier hands/feet and nails too much. That may be working as intended but I feel like the nails need to be darker and better defined as a central point to pull your eyes to them.

  • Faded_SneakersFaded_Sneakers Registered User regular
    Thank you! Googled Charles Addams, thank you for his name. I enjoyed looking through his works. I like his innocent approach to darker themes.

    Youre absolutely right. I really need a better understanding of perspectives. Especialy the three point perspectives. I downloaded a book on perspective from the Tutorial Thread here in the PA:AC and hope to work on it. Thanks for the feedback.

    Excellent point. Originally my intention was for a gore feel to emphasize the hurt and pain, but as you put it (and I did not consider this before), the nails are the focal point of that pain and as such should be far more prominent. Im working on a few other pieces in this vein and will keep this in mind. Thanks for the crit.

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  • Faded_SneakersFaded_Sneakers Registered User regular
    These are a couple characters Ive been trying to nail down for a while and theyve changed so much from initial sketches theyre almost not at all what I first wanted but I think Im getting nearer to where they feel simple yet fleched out.


    Some random doodles.



    Rather a large WIP. Something Ive started and stoped for some time now. Tyring to get back to it and finish it. Almost started coloring some of it today then began hyperventilating, slapped myself and returned to reality. The top right corner is a huge problem. Nothing Im coming up with it making sense up there. Anyways ... BLAH ...


    Instagram: fadedsneakers
  • Faded_SneakersFaded_Sneakers Registered User regular
    Part of something I am working on.


    Instagram: fadedsneakers
  • Faded_SneakersFaded_Sneakers Registered User regular
    Finished this:

    And then theres this:

    Followed rapidly by this:


    Instagram: fadedsneakers
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